Delayed Contact


Writing Prompt: How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?

I think for the most part that my family is extremely close, we’re like any normal family we go through times when we really dislike each other but it works itself out, but I think the reason we are so comfortable with one another is because we have been together. If I met my mother or brothers for the first time today I hardly think that we would like each other… I know this for a fact with my youngest brother because we have absolutely nothing in common. I think the same, but to a lesser extent  might be said for my mother and my youngest brother.

I do have another sister who I found out about when I was graduate school and the extent of our relationship is Facebook friends, I finding out I had a “surprise sibling” was a difficult transition marred with lots and angry and hurt towards my father I think that we have both gotten to the point where recognizing that the other person exists is enough for us; we both have other sibling and different family’s and if I hadn’t been queued in that we were related I highly doubt that we would be compatible as friends.

I think that’s okay, I think the differences is what makes my family stronger, we all bring our different opinions to the table… so it’s always interesting.


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One thought on “Delayed Contact

  1. That’s a good prompt! I didn’t see that today…
    That’s interesting that you have a facebook sibling.
    I’m super close with all my 4 younger sibs (I think) but even though my sister and i are really close, I think my middle brother and I would be besties if we met anywhere else. Having siblings is the best (most of the time). I loved reading your blog tonight. I’m going to be thinking about it the rest of the evening- and maybe I’ll share it with my sibs!


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