Nightmare Job


Writing Prompt: In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

As a person who has had a variety of jobs and all different play levels. I will say that working fast food is a tough job, the reason that I bring this up because you often hear people giving crap to fast food workers saying how they don’t deserve a minimum wage pay increase, or it doesn’t require smarts to do that job… the thing is it’s a job that requires you to constantly multitask in an high stress environment., where you deal with the public and have to keep your cool… now think about this a school teacher would probably vaguely describe her job the same way… so why does one profession deserve more respect than another. People need to learn how to shut their mouth and tuck in their egos.

Now to answer the question….I don’t think that I could even be a trash collector…. simply based on the ick factor… but yet again this is the type of job that require a certain amount of skill. I occasionally see the men who collect my trash and I often speak and say hello… and honestly they always seem upbeat and happy…

Now I did a little bit of research…depending on where you live and if you live in a “right to work” state
(which Illinois is not) you can make between 43,000 – 60,000 dollars a year…. That’s not bad and a totally respectable living for someone who’s dealing with the trash… think about that the next time you see a garbage truck.

Until Next Time….

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