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Writing Prompt: We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply — ten minutes too late. Write down one of those, but this time, make sure to sign off with your grand slam (unused) zinger.

Ugh, this always happens to me, during arguments, I’m trying to d a lot of things at a time, I’m trying not to cry (when I get really angry I cry, I’m doing my best not hit them [I know it’s not right…] and I’m trying my best to my best to stay respectful) There are times after an argument that I’m lying in bed reliving it and I thinking of all the witty comebacks I could have said… ugh it’s frustrating, but I think it I was meant to say it I would have said it.

This isn’t so much as  zinger, this is more of something I should have said during an argument with an ex friend, but I chose not to say it because despite the way  I felt it would cut below the belt…but we’re no longer friends and I don’t give a flying squat what she thinks… You are a needy, hateful evil bitch, people will continue to use you because you lack self esteem, You wanted to have gastric by-pass surgery so a man would love you, even the doctors knew you were crazy and turned you down….You continue to go back to the same man who has lied and cheated on you because you felt like you didn’t deserve better. I tried for years to be your friend, to see beyond your faults, but you suck everything good out of people to the point that they no longer what to be around you THAT’S WHY YOU ARE CONSTANTLY LOSING FRIENDS… and that’s exactly why you lost me.


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