Update on Talking About Race: Start With Questions

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Yesterday, I wrote about my plan to discuss race and specifically Michael Brown and Ferguson in my classroom today.

We began with a “think, pair, share” activity. I asked the students why it’s uncomfortable to talk about race. Their answers:

  • “Political correctness makes us feel like we’re walking on eggshells.”
  • “Someone might take offense when no offense was intended.”
  • “It’s awkward to talk about race with or around different races.”
  • “There is still a lot of anger about slavery.”

I then asked them what color they see when they hear or read the word “race.” The students who called out answered “black.” I asked them if they think of white people as having a race. One white student shared that she doesn’t think of herself as being part of a race until she really thinks about it. White, for many of my students, represents the absence of race.

I shared…

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Opening Lines


Writing Prompt: What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post.

shizDear Old, Shiz-zzzzz.

Thank you for sending me a letter reminding me of the upcoming reunion, there are times when I have found memories of Shiz, spending time in Crage Hall,  getting in trouble with Madam Morrible  and especially  Dr. Dillamond who taught me that every creature on this Earth deserves to be loved and respected. As I understand recently that things have been quite different since the Wizard has been exposed for what he truly is but despite these improvements Oz will never be the same since the death of my beloved sister Nessarose. So I’m sure you will understand that I have to decline and will be unable to attend. Thank you again for sending me the letter, perhaps one day things will change and I will return to Oz and to Shiz University,

Wickedly Yours,



I guess this prompt say a a lot about this kind of music that I’m listening to lately. The entire song can be found  here. If you haven’t seen this musical… go… go now!!

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