Uncanned Laughter

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(Is that not the most cringe worthy picture you have ever seen?)

Writing Prompt: A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

This question is unfair… seriously unfair… every song is misquoted… either because I can’t hear the words clearly or because damn it that I want to sing it that way. I think Lady GaGa’s songs were made to be misquoted….as long as you’re with the beat pretty much anything sounds good.  That’s just the way life is… and I dare DARE anyone to tell me that they haven’t done it…But you know what get;s me is when I’m singing a song, and have to stop because the words make no sense or the grammar is weird…lord knows I don’t use English good (see what I did there Smile) but nothing takes me out of a song when words are messed up . I found the worst offenders to be 90’s boy bands…Let’s start with on of my personal favorites the Backstreet Boys “Shape of My Heart“Sadness is beautiful, loneliness is tragical” so not only is it one of the most depressing song lyrics. it made up a freakin’ word…. can someone tell me what tragical means? (fuck my life, it’s an actual word) So if tragical means sad… the those lyrics are seriously nuts, cause then wouldn’t that ultimately mean that loneliness is beautiful… which is still sad…. IT’S A CIRCLE OF MISERY!!!

Let’s move on to “Bigger“Add on my uncanny ego, no one’s less humbled than I” my English teacher would have dropped dead on the floor if we would have said that to hear…. something else I just realized… the same person sings both lyrics… I wonder if they were like, “AJ, my man, do us a solid… use your smokey voice to subdue the teenage masses with these shit lyrics”

How about one of my favorites Color Me Badd (yes there were two d’s because they were extra bad) “I Wanna Sex You Up” “Girl, you make me feel real good, we can do it ’til we both wake up” Shouldn’t that be “we can do it ‘til we both go to sleep”? Unless he’s sexing her up while they’re sleeping… then that’s a while different kind of song…and I’m super confused…

Until Next Time…. Don’t Go Jason waterfalls…(see what I did there??)

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