What The F*ck? TOWIE – Ep. 7

It’s that time again…another round of foolishness and f*ckery from my favorite overly tan, overly inflated Brits. So for those  two people who actually read my TOWIE posts these are for you.. previous season 12 posts can be found here and here. The week the deli finally opened , we learned that , Chloe can’t make a sandwich to save her life, Grace pretty much did to Tom what Tom has done to every girl he’s dated on TOWIE, The Ferne and Charlie saga continues, Jessica cried , Billie is ready to pop out her baby and remains a ray of sunshine. Gemma remains in the middle of the drama Barry is still on rocky ground and Georgia, Grace and Fran had a three way argument.

Episoide7 “Sign the damn Prenup!”

Wait! Harry has his own shop? Does Harry’s World sell se toys or something, no? BOORING another store selling clothes.

Lockie and Danni are at the zoo, these two argue about the correct pronunciation on the word lemur, honestly it’s like a meeting with dumb and dumber. Danni then reminds Lockie how f*cked up their relationship was in the past and in order for things to then to get back together things defiantly need to change.

Over at Chloe’s Elliot stands around looking the douchy ass butt he is while Chloe prepares the shop for the day. Arg walks in and brings up Ferne; because clearly he has nothing else to discuss… so naturally the shit talking begins and Arg starts to laugh like a freakin’ hyena, after he’s done laughing it up he causally mentions that Lauren and Vas are having a fashion show (like the care) Chloe proudly  says that she would rather her vagina be dry… wait that’s not what she said; darn it, she actually said that she’d rather see paint dry… but honestly the  vagina line was way funnier .

Grace has asked Tom to come to the park for a chat. She admits that she is still  in contact with her ex-boyfriend (Tom knew that already, hell everyone in their circle knew that…. you know gossip spreads like wild-fire) Tom’s is feeling like he was played by Grace…Grace starts to cry (I’m confused as to why) as expected the conversation moves to an argument that Grace has with Georgia and Fran. Tom says something to the effect, “I don’t know what you argued; no one really cares”. Tom is over the entire situation and I’m seriously over Tom’s pink shorts.

Bobby announces that maybe he was a bit too hasty is his decision to take Harry back. He no longer trusts Harry and thinks they should break up once and for all (sad face) . Harry is devastated, and so am I, honestly I was looking forward to more matching summer attire, R.I.P Barry…you never really had a chance.

ITV_t_TOWIEq071414Ricky is out shopping with his mum… and  it literally take six seconds for him to start talking about Jessica and how they ate not living together. I’m over this , this story has gone beyond anything that I can stand and anytime here on out I refuse to write about it.

Danni and Lockie seem happy walking around the zoo , things seem like they are going well until Dannie starts to list off all the ways Lockie made her fell during their relationship and all the drama he caused; she then presents him with a “prenup” or a contract from their relationship. He has to sign it or their relationship can’t go any further, so like mature adults they both spit in their hands and kiss; then Danni in all her white jean gloriousness falls in the bushes behind her with a lovely elephant looking on.

I’m not sure if Charlie’s is open for business, every time they show it , Ferne is the only person there. Elliot Wright is he topic of conversation for the lovebirds. He’s a total douche butt and Charlie has had enough of him. And honestly I really want to know if there is any truth to the whole “Let’s F*ckn in the Toilets” drama.

Dumb!Dan is at the gym with Lockie talking about the relationship contract. Seriously Dumb!Dan  can barley form a sentence without laughing… he is seriously becoming as useless as Jasmine.ITV_t_TOWIEb071414

Arg is learning to drive for the 784th time and Lydia is doing a good deed by attempting to teach him. It instantly becomes sexual (for Arg) and he tells her that safety vest is turning him on….. let’s be honest a taco, fish and chips, a slice of cake, and Nanny Pat’s sausage plait turns him on as well. At this point I don’t think that he’s even trying; there is no way that a grown man is that dim. During the lunch break Lydia asks Arg his other life goals. Arg tells her he hopes for kids and a family home all the while lovingly glazing into Lydia’s eyes… she’s not having any of it.

Lewis meets up with Grace (I don’t know why) to talk about the argument. Grace is upset that they were talking about her behind her back… I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, THIS IS TOWIE EVERYONE TALKS SHIT ABOUT EVERYONE BEHIND THEIR BACK!

Charlie walks into Chloe’s like a boss, (and matching Chloe and Elliot) he grabs a seat ignored Chloe and tells Elliot that he’s tired of him being reckless with his mouth and to stay in his lane. Elliot says he’s done with the situation (how many times has he said that?) and I don’t believe one word he says; I don’t think Charlie is buying it either, Chloe can’t deal with not being included and starts to cry… boo-hoo.

At the fashion show titled, “Lauren and Vas: Unzipped (how original) Vas has gotten a haircutITV_t_TOWIEj071414 for the special occasion while everyone gathers for a good Essex party … which will only mean one thing DRAMA!

Lockie takes Dumb!Dan’s advice and makes changes to the contract, Danni’s annoyed but reluctantly agrees to sign it, thus bringing us another chapter of the Danni/Lockie saga.

Ricky and Jessica are on the screen…. he looks odd without his beard

Wow, I think Lewis and I have the same pants –   No BUENO. Lewis tells this girls to stop being bullies and start being better friends. I’m not impressed by any of the clothes at the fashion show…. and you can tell they put a lot of money in it  just by looking at the plastic cups people are holding… guess it goes with the homeless chic them Vas is pushing .

Meanwhile Fran and Charlie are having dinner when Fran want to celebrate because Billie has had her baby girl. CHEERS TO BILL! Ferne tells Charlie what happened at the Frat party, In Walks Elliot and his sister Leah… the tension is thick and the conversation immediately stops.

Back at the fashion show with horrible fashions. Gemma and Bobby have a go at each other. Bobby is upset (what else is new?) because Gemma has finally made peace with Harry, and went over to his place and enjoyed a BBQ with the family; Bobby is feeling hurt and begins to question Gemma’s loyalty. Once again someone in Gemma’s gay entourage is pissed at her. Bobby mentioned the words that destroy every relationship, “egg salad”!

At the restaurant Elliot decided to go over to Charlie and Ferne’s table to bury the hatchet (right in Ferne’s back). Ferne ugly cries…..



For those of you who are unable to see the current season of TOWIE in your area… season 12 is now on HULU, and they finally got a clue and decided to air this years Marbs special…

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