What The F*ck?–Big Brother 16:Week 3


First off I have to say , has there ever been a Big Brother with this much excitement in week 3? There is something super satisfying about watching the person you completely despise get their comeuppance. No I’m not talking about someone I know (although I do take this show a bit more seriously than I should) but talking about Devin! I know a lot of people thought that this week is pretty boring, but honestly I love the fact that the group got together and make sure certain people were on the block.

This week’s strategy was to backdoor Devin (and hopefully get him out of the house once and for all) has been a work out art. Let’s rewind a bit shall we… last week Devin was the Head of Household. and pretty much spent his entire week breaking up, making up, and scarring the hell/ with the houseguests. After Pao-Pao  was sent home the houseguests decided enough was enough and it was time to send Devin home.

So this week the Heads of Household were Derrick who nominated  Caleb and Jocasta and Nicole who nominated Amber and Donnie. Stalker!Caleb decided to throw the competition allowing Amber and Donny to win the Battle of the Block competition, Because Nicole’s team lost she was “forced” to wear an adorable frog suit for the week; sexually arousing Hayden in the process , and confusing the hell out of me


Donny won Power of Veto and beating crushing Devin and his “integrity” in the process. As a act of goodwill Donny saves Jocasta (since she was ill and unable to fight for her own safety) causing the house plan to go into action and finally placing Devin on the block as a replacement nominee. Caleb and Devin are on the block and this is fantastic! Seriously this warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart. One thing we do know for certain is that the first male houseguest of this season is going home (as well as a serious competitor). And I’m gonna be happy either way.

Since the beginning Devin has been known for his erratic behavior; while talking an endless about of crap about their other houseguests; but Devin has known that he was a target since last week  and although he hasn’t done any campaigning (maybe he feels his fate is sealed) he is probably at his lowest point since he entered the house; when he mentioned that he felt like he let his daughter down, I honestly felt it a little bad for him… just not bad enough to let him stay in the house

While all the drama going on in the house there might be a slightly  dangerous love triangle forming: Cody and Amber (platonic) relationship is progressing they  enjoy spending time together and apparently they have a new tradition … back rubs (platonic). Now for those of you watching know that Caleb in an act of true love  and total desperation for Amber’s attention and love saved her so that she wouldn’t go home; leaving himself to fight for his freedom. And because of this good deed that was done out of complete selflessness you asked Amber to be his date to the finale party where he was promptly shut down . This  week Waaahm-ber complained about all the attention that she was getting from the mal houseguests…blah, blah, blah she said something to the effect of wishing that she was 300 pounds so that nobody in the house  would find her attractive and she would have a much easier time in the house .She doesn’t want to deal with showmances or dating while in the house (Now I could go on and talk about how stupid she sounded about equating a person’s weight with their attractiveness… but that’s another post for another day… but I will say What The F*ck? Amber!!

So back to the massages… Amber is getting a massage from Cody and she’s talking about the situation with Caleb’ now Caleb is sitting in another room (I wanna say the beehive room, but I’m not 100% on that one. Honestly I like the idea of Cody and Amber… not only for aesthetic reason but because it would literally through Caleb over the edge and make him more of a target, due to him passive aggressive behavior; meanwhile Caleb is walking around the house feeling super disrespected because Cody has moved in on “his” woman…It’s official Caleb can’t even buy a f*ckin clue this point… To b fair there are some people who say that Amber is totally using Caleb to further her game, apparently it’s ticked Amber’s family off to the point where they had to address it on Amber’s official website. So Caleb is sitting in the hive room (I’m not 100% so on that one) and being very contemplative about the whole situation being all in his man feelings.

Jocasta has been in bed ill for most of the week, so she was unable to participate in most of this weeks activities. When Donny saved her she did the fiercest ugly cry Big Brother has even seen, she thanked God like a million times, I’m not sure that she thanked Donny once.


  • I have deemed this week battle of the douche
  • Donny remains awesome
  • Team America was successful in their first task earning the members $5,000 each
  • Zach has decided that he’s gonna ride the rumor (perpetuated by Team America that he was the cousins of BB15’s Amanda) like pony. Apparently certain houseguests have decided that they even look alike.
  • Devin has officially hit rock bottom; if he can’t beat Donny then what is left in the world?
  • Devin still feels like Donny is something more than the groundskeeper he said he is…. Devin remains delusional and paranoid
  • What The F*ck? Victoria has officially become the most boring and invisible houseguest in Big Brother history . But she does have amusing stories to tell

In the end Devin was sent home (Every single person voted for him to leave).  Now it’s officially a new week and new people are in jeopardy of going home. Who do you think will be going home next Thursday? Honestly I think it might be time for a floater….Victoria I’m looking at you.

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