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Mountains and Molehills…. My Molehill this week I have just been plagued with the most amazing fatigue, I’ve been sleeping on an average of 18 hours a day, so needless to say exercise is the very last thing that I have been wanting to do. So needless to say I’ve been irritated and snippy at people, and I might have done a few things that I normally wouldn’t do … but it’s done… Mountain…. I’m proud that I didn’t curse anyone out…but seriously I Big Brother started…. I don’t think that people understand I live for this show, I have seen every single season… I even watched The Glass House. It’s total crap TV and super voyeuristic… but a girl has to have her guilty pleasures.

This week FMM is taking a break because Sarah is she is currently at Fitbloggin 14 and from the post and the pictures, she seems to be having a fabulous time. I’m sure she will be writing in detail about her experiences this year but if you want to see what she got up to last year click here and here… and since I wanted to make sure that I put something out today, although I am seriously lacking inspiration lately… so I decided to look back…. incidentally it was at the beginning of my journey and my very first blog post….

For me right now I think it was important to find this, I’m feeling really discouraged and this reminded me where I started… I’ve come a long way…  and weight loss isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t fun…so maybe today will be the day that I will stop being so hard on myself and begin again…



Why The Hell Am I Doing This? (06/09/2011)


This is me… well virtual me at my current weight 279.6  I’m round, fluffy, basically I’m. fat! You know me, I’m the girl that scopes out the room to count the number of other fatties  .I have rolls where I don’t want them, my thighs rub together, people might mistake me for being pregnant… and when it get’s hot I sweat in places that a person should not sweat. You will not see me running, playing a sport, or wearing a bikini, I prefer to chillax in front of the TV and I do not own a Freak-em dress. I have not been accountable for the things I put in my mouth, I have not been accountable for me fitness…. but all of that changes TODAY! Today I officially ditch the BEFORE.

TODAY I become accountable! TODAY I change! TODAY I become the AFTER!!!!

Why am I doing this?

  • I want to look better naked (don’t you want to look at yourself naked without pointing out every negative thing about your body?) (I am still working on this… it’s tough)
  • I want to be able to climb the stairs without being winded (Gone!)
  • I want my knees to stop hurting (totally stopped!)
  • I want to walk into a room without feeling like people are staring at me
  • I want to feel beautiful (depends on the day)
  • I want to live longer! (Yeah, well that cancer diagnosis totally left that one up in the air)

full bodyDSC02922

Always remember there is never a bad time to make a change for the better……

Until Next Time!

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