Things Your Momma Doesn’t Tell You about Weight loss

  • The scale will break your heart 335786313689 times. All you can do is keep going.
  • You will have to learn to forgive yourself over and over again because you will mess up more times than you will think possible
  • To do it right takes patience, patience, and more patience.
  • Your bowel movements are going to go nuts when you try to replace your “unhealthy” diet with a bunch of raw veggies and other distress causing items.
  • Increased water intake makes you pee. A lot.
  • It takes your brain way longer to catch up with your body (i.e., you still feel you are/look heavier than you really are).
  • Nobody tells you to forget all the crap you tried/heard about in the past, open your mind, listen to people who have had success before you and learn before you leap.
  • Achieving results you never thought possible might make you reflect on many parts of your life and make the entire process more emotional than you expected.
  • Not losing weight on the scale doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress; you are fitter/stronger/healthier than before.
  • Every experience is different, your journey is not going to be the same as someone else… never judge use someone’s success as your failure.

Thanks to the wonderful people over at the forums at MyFitnessPal for these…

And while we’re talking weight loss , let me pose a question to you all, it’s about something that I dread CLOTHES, none of my tops fit correctly, at this point the only thing that works for me is a crew neck..everything else slides off the shoulder. Doesn’t matter what size the shirt is this always happens… any advice?


I’m walking around showing my bra… my mother said I have narrow shoulders… is there such a thing?

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