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Here’s my previous post

Hey everybody I’m back! And better than ever. So many things have happened and yes I am sill on my quest for world domination! (it’s a little difficult when you’re human isn’t a good minion) But before I start I would be remiss not to mention that I’m a lucky girl; but some of my friends aren’t as lucky  and a lot of them are still waiting for a human to adopt and to find their forever home so if you live in the Chicago area and looking for a feline master I would suggest this wonderful organization called Hyde Park Cats  (that’s where my human found me!!!) or your local no-kill shelter.

The last time I checked in I spoke about that horrific incident where my human took me to the veterinarian and they stuck a thermometer in my…. well you get where I’m going with it… well I had a little cancer scare (mammary cancer happened to be the third most common cancer in cats) and am pleased to report that I’m healthy and cancer free, it was benign and I am officially in the 0.9% !!! As I said before I’m a really, really lucky girl.

20140522_151736Speaking of lucky I won a contest… one of my human’s favorite blogs, Sometimes, Cats Herd You held a contest sponsored by Simple Solution for their 30 Day Super Absorbent Litter. My human was one of 3 people to win! And what is she gonna go with her booty? So I get to reap all the benefits…

I have officially taken on the role as night time escort. My human get’s up a lot in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and since I know her sight is not as good as mine; and I’m afraid she might get lost… once I went outside I and got20140520_192001 lost and I never found my human again so I make sure that I escort her to the bathroom anytime she needs to go; I wait for her, make sure she’s goes back to bed; then grab a quick nibble before going back to bed beside her… there are even  times during the day time she goes to the  bathroom and she takes too long  and I get worried and have to make sure she’s okay…my human …what am I going to do with her??

No one can keep a secret in this house, everyone is taking about going on vacation, since I’m not a fan of the outside or the water I’ve insisted that my human take me to a hotel where I can be pampered and spoiled. I’m excited, I’m getting a pink manicure to match my sparkly collar ;but my human is very worried, she keeps assuring me that she loves me and that she would never leave me there; I think she’s worried that I’m going to think that she’s abandoning me, I know that’s not the case, She’s MY human and I’m stuck with her until the very end…have any of your feline masters been to a pet hotel? I’d like to know how it was… what should I pack?

Two days ago I got by brand new MeowBox and boy am I excited! I mean REALLY excited! As always I got lots and lots of goodies and this month’s box was chock full of CATNIP!!!


I got some awesome stuff:

The human said I can only use one toy at a time, something about being dazed and in a frenzy… HA!! What does she know, a lady always knows how to stay composed.

Well maybe she has a tiny point

And before I leave, check out my instagram… I require that my human posts at least once a day! Well I have to go, my human wants to watch Frozen



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