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Tsuki's World
Humans, my name is Tsuki (the T is silent), sometimes my human calls me Tsuki Monster when I especially playful. Did you know that Tsuki is Japanese for Moon? Did you also know how incredibly fashionable and fabulous I am? Don’t believe me; my human has an instagram and I allow her to photograph me. I got tired of watching my human typing on her computer, seriously nothing is more important than me, so I have forced requested that she write a blog post for me… Humans are so trainable..

So let me tell you my story… I recently adopted my human… about three weeks ago Tyra came to visit me at my Fosterer Leslie’s house…she sat on the floor (as I require all human to do if they want to greet me properly) and because she was nervous I went over and greeted her, she smelled like yummies so I knew she might be a good match… then I sat on her and fell asleep while she, my foster human and an adoption agent talked about me and told me how pretty  and smart I was…Seriously what girl doesn’t like that. Tyra went to visit other cats, but it was too late MY scent was on her.. and they knew she was mine and knew to stay away.. a few days later she came and picked me up.

Anyway she brought me home, and I was very curious about everything; after a thorough inspection I deemed it worthy of my presence and claimed it as my domain… these humans are so easy… it took me less 20140421_210331than a day to bend them to my will. I have even commandeered the bed and have allowed my human to have a small portion of the bed… after all I need a lot of space to spread out.. I’m a lucky girl; but some of my friends aren’t as lucky a lot of them are still waiting for a human to adopt and to find their forever home so if you live in the Chicago area and looking for a feline master I would suggest this wonderful organization called Hyde Park Cats  (that’s where my human found me!!!) or your local no-kill shelter.

Things seem to be going along smoothly I have yet to train my human to give me her food… I stare and give her sad eyes an that doesn’t work, I’m sure if I start “talking” she’ll eventually give in…this might be a challenge, but I’m up to it! Last Friday she took me to the veterinarian for what my human called a “wellness check” I called it a “exercise of my patience” after the whole thermometer fiasco I vocalized my displeasure  and demanded to go home! I came home and went to a private room to sulk; I’m sure my human has learned her language an won’t make that mistake again. But I’m good now…

My human has just reminded me that this blog isn’t about me … but about what I got in the mail today…how rude!! EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME!!

Anyway …. I’ve been here for a little over two weeks and my human is always getting things in the mail.. snacks, nail polish, craft stuff, clothes, make-up…she calls them subscription boxes; and to my surprise she order MY box before I even came home… such a good human….anyway it came today and I was so excited!! I got my very first MeowBox!

My human presented by with my mail an grabbed her camera (she’s always got the camera)…..



Ooh it’s my box… I’m confused if it’s my box how come the cat doesn’t look like me?  Maybe they didn’t get the picture in time…hopefully next month they will correct their error…..
My human thought that I was going to be able to open the box myself… who does she think I am? Some uncultured dog? Pu-leeese, that’s what slaves humans are for.


What should I inspect first? Wait……


The human wanted to “stage” the box .. something about a a pretty picture, but I had to promptly remind her that it was my box and the only paws that should be staging are mine!

I will admit that she might have done a better job than I could have… I guess thumbs are good for something.


I decided to take everything out of the box fist them look at my booty.


Almost there….


FINALLY I was able to get everything out of the box… well almost everything.

If I fits, I sits…

Here’s a video the human took…

So I should probably tell you exactly what was in my box: I have allowed my human to speak, her thoughts will be in red


Cat Dancer Cat Toy

retails for $3.50

I love these… and this came right one time I have one with a purple feather that mom says is getting a bit worn out.

These type of toys have always been popular with my cats and Tsuki in particular loves them… this will defiantly get a lot of use.

Red Barn Grain-Free Salmon Treats

retails for $3.15

I love Salmon, but the cat looks scary… my human said I had already had my treat for the day and I couldn’t have anymore, but she did promise me that I could have these tomorrow.

I’m really impressed with this company.. they have the cutest names for their food.


Purrfectly Natural Chicken Treats

retails for $3.99

Couldn’t try these either… something about the vet saying I’m a little over weight… since when is being a tad over 11 pound overweight… my human weighs more than and she’s always stuffing things in her mouth…

Ignore her…she just mad that she’s on a ”diet”…and for the record I am not always stuff things in my mouth

Fresh’n Purr Cat Litter Deodorizer

retails for $5.99

My litter doesn’t smell I don’t require this product

Liar! This will defiantly be used


Shrimp Sushi Catnip Toy
retails for $5.99

My human kept saying that the shrimp was freaking her out… apparently she’s not a fan of seafood…Blasphemy!!! I love it…

I’m sorry those big eyes creep my out a bit and I will be one of those toys that I’m sure I will find in some odd location in the house a week from now


Crawly Critter Catnip Toy

retails for $5.50

I’m not sure what this is but I was torn between fighting it and licking it to death….this is my favorite!

I had to actually put this away, she was getting way over stimulated…it was the first thing she gravitated to in the box, and hasn’t let go since




This is the look a very happy kitty!
Being me is a lot a work after all the fun and games I decided to relax and take a bath.



So much excitement really drains a girl, I had to take a nap, you can clearly see I was done being photographed so I turned by back on my human hoping she would get the message

When I wake up for my nap I will thank my human by allowing her to pet me…


So this box get’s 4 Tsuki paws…. it would get more but I only have 4. If you’re human spoils you like Tyra spoils me… ask them to get you one…happy cat always equals a happy home. Since I’m on a quest for world


Over all I thought that the Meow Box was an good bargain, these are things that I normally would have purchased and I came out cheaper. her reaction to the box and especially to Crawly Critter was enough to prove that this is a winner, I’m gonna agree with Tsuki and give this a rating of 4 paws… I can’t wait to see what she get’s next month!

Clearly Tuski is out to prove that this is HER world, and I simply allowed to live in it

Until Next Time…..

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