What The F*ck?! – The Teen Wolf Edition

This week a lot of the TV shows I have been watching have left me asking, “What the F*ck is Going on Here?!”

But one in particular is  Teen Wolf


Oh Dear God…. okay I will say that Season 3B has far exceeded Season 3A. I mean the Darach  and all that jazz was fantastic..and I love how this season is incorporating history and Japanese mythology. So the thing on everyone’s mind is the fact that Allison is dead… I watched the episode and it took me a day or so process that… and because she were warned (“Someone from the opening title is gonna die”) before hand, I felt that if Jeff Davis should have  kept his mouth closed, I think the impact would have been different for the audience.

Was I the only one in the begging of “Insatiable”  we realize that void-Stiles takes Lydia, but did anyone ask “What the F*uck?!” happened to Peter? Did he go looking for Malia? Did void-Stiles do away with him? Did he go back to his apartment to sulk?

Now it’s my understanding that the actress was ready to move on and begin a new chapter in her life; no one can fault her for that.. the What The F*ck?! of all of this is; “where was Allison this season”  Now before I start my mini rant I know that not every character will be in the A storyline that’s just the nature of a television show, but she was barely in the B storyline either… we see her for maybe few scene per episode and that was it. It led a lot of people to believe that maybe she had been infected with the nogitsune as well as playing the roll of the puppet master (The nogitsune always referred to itself as “we” … so naturally one would assume more than one) and her death would have been more epic…

Here’s another “What the F*ck?!” Jeff Davis (yet another example of his opening his mouth) I know I didn’t hallucinate this… but you said that we would see Lydia’s sister? Where she at Jeff Davis??…Where she at? See this is the problem that I have I know that things change, actors leaves, you have to deal with time frame and money issues and you have to make sure everything fits nicely in the story line… but don’t star talking out your ass then not deliver …. wait you do that a lot. Then you say, “we will meet other Banshees and the fandom rejoiced…. finally we get to meet Lydia’s sister… but nope!! We meet Meredith who I really like and I think she will add some craziness next year…

Now this is not a dig…. I promise, but every time I see Jeff Davis he’s wearing a combination of either a black t-shirt or a leather jacket…. I wonder if Derek style choices was molded after him… just something to ponder… and where has Derek been? Seriously I was starting to wonder if you were the one who was gonna die… and before I forget “What the F*ck?!” Deputy Parrish who are you? Mr. Two years in the Army and a Certified Hazardous Devices Technician, I eat really and take care of myself and I’m 24 years old; and despite knowing Beacon Hills Deputies has a propensity to get killed off you decided to take the job here” Tyra has a theory… You came back after you heard that your father had died, and your bother was all alone, because we all know you faked your death didn’t you Mr. Camden Lahey??!!

Okay now the last “What the F*ck?!” for Teen Wolf this week. Stiles and Malia…. it was inferred that they had sex (How is Stiles gonna explain that to Derek…”Yeah dude, while infected with the nogitsune I totally had sex with your cousin… but I’m still totally in love with you” ) and in the last episode we found out that part of nogitsune spirit is able to move to different people at the same time, are we to assume that Malia has been infected as well; as she walked out of Ichen House (horrible staff and security there by the way) like a boss with her eyes glowing ….I thought that she was going to find help (did I miss something?) and she hasn’t been seen since … wait did she take Peter? Watching Teen Wolf has started to feel like Lost… so many unanswered question, so many theories being floated around and the writing staff not telling us anything. Listen here Teen Wolf… I did not give you permission to start f*cking with my head….and with the season finale coming next Monday the only question I have at this point is … When does season 4 start….

I know … the entire Teen Wolf fandom are gluttons for punishment…

Until Next Time

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