Friend Makin’ Mondays: Let’s Talk Vacations

Day 10As promised here is a FMM on time! As I mentioned a few weeks ago things have changed just a bit and last week I totally forgot and went to the wrong site and assumed that there wasn’t a prompt last week, as most of you remember Friend Makin’ Monday originated and was hosted over at All the Weigh and now it’s currently being hosted by the lovely Sarah over at Losing Weight and Having Fun. I know that I’ve said it before but I feel like the FMM host and I seem to have a mental mind connection…. cause it point . I’m on my second month in my photo a day challenge … and today’s prompt was “far away”….seriously how perfect is that?


Friend Makin’ Mondays: Let’s Talk Vacations

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1. Where was the last place you went on vacation to?

Wisconsin Dells, not super exciting… but fun nonetheless


2. Do you have any plans for a vacation this year?

I have a few mini-vacation planned for the summer and they are maybe a state or two a way….

3. If money was no option, where would you dream vacation be?

It would be a year long vacation 4 months in Denmark, Sweden and Norway…. maybe I could fall in  love and marry a crown prince (Haakon I’m talking to you!! But hey Carl – Philip you’re not a crown prince… but I would take you too)… wait!!! they’re all taken… DARN IT!!!!

4. What is your favorite vacation spot that you have visited?

IMG_0642This is not a favorite but (you know theirs is ALWAYS a story) My roommate (at the time) and I were in Barbados and we were taking a tour of Sunbury Plantation House in Bridgetown, Barbados (and by then I was already annoyed because every where I went there was a Rihanna song playing… I can’t even make that up, I totally understand about national pride, but come one Bajans!!)

Sunbury plantation was started in around 1660, and was a large sugar plantation worked by slaves currently the IMG_0655house is used for some government relations functions, it’s also has a restaurant and is used for wedding; Now before I begin this house is absolutely beautiful…  pretty much everything in the home is from the 1600 and the house has been beautifully restored. The group walked into one of the bedrooms, and the tour guide said that this would be a typical bedroom for a woman…I found myself gravitating towards the crib… I instantly got the know how you’re sleeping and you know somewhere is staring at you… that’s exactly what I felt. We went through the rest of the house and finally we went to the basemen, there were a lot of tools and such down there and I nearly lost it… I got a really bad IMG_0656feeling, it felt like something was squeezing my chest… I looked to my roommate in a panic and told her I had to go outside… and I stayed out there was maybe 15 minutes until she came out to get me….
At dinner that night I she asked me why I freaked out… and I told her, she looked at me and said, “Tyra I got a bad feeling in that house too”. Now I have never claimed to be psychic or intuitive, but I trust my instincts ALL THE TIME and that house was not kosher… there was something that didn’t feel good… and considering the history of the house

5. Have you ever had a stay-cation?

I love a nice stay-cation. I call them “mental health days”. You know the days when everything seems too much and you seriously need to decompress.IMG_0472

6. Are you a lie on the beach person or a go out and explore person?

 You know what, I’m a little bit of both, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a planner. I like schedules; they make me feel secure, so day I’m laying on the beach getting my dose of sunshine, sand and water and I’ll read , nap, frolic and people watch. And the next day I’ll go out explore the sites, talk to the locals and buy souvies.

7. When you fly do you have a favorite airline?

I don’t have a favorite, but I defiantly have a least favorite; yet I tend to fly it most often…. but my award for least favorite goes to Southwest Airlines.

8. Have you ever had a ‘vacation from hell’ ?

I went on a 15 day cruise and anytime we were at sea I was miserable..the only time I felt better when I was on land. Motion sickness is real people and no amount of patches, pills or booze helped me

9. Have you ever had an airline lose your luggage?

Never…. thank God. I think that would be the worst experience EVER. I have major freak outs when I lose something in my own house.

10. Do you send postcards to friends and family when you go on vacation?

And I try to send them from the destination because people really seem to like the post makes… and whenever family goes somewhere I ask them to send me a postcard…. and I also purchase extras and give them along with other souvenirs that I give to people… postcards from exotic places I frame and display in my home.
FYI: did you know that there is a Chicago Postcard Museum

Until Next Time…..