Downtown Downers pt. 3

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This season was really difficult to watch, aside form the rape storyline I wasn’t really into it… and I’m not sure why. I’m not sure if it was the influx of the new people on the show and for the most part they ere so damn boring I could barley tell the difference between them. I watch for Thomas and I got a watered down version…. The only thing that really made me happy was the Christmas Special…. usually when it ends I’m left wanting more…. not this year. At least Up Your Downstairs was there to add a little something to my viewing experience.

There are a lot of comments from the last post and those will be denoted with the color purple

ROBERT– *rolls eyes* he’s an idiot. Everything is so hard for Lord Grantham… but he’s always so quick with the ideas… I know it’s been a while, but did EVERYONE forget it was his ideas that put Downton Abbey in jeopardy… TWICE. The only time I saw him really happy when he was with Isis… his dog (and the funny part is that he didn’t even hide it this season). He just seems completely oblivious to everything and it is really starting to get on my nerves… Mary or Edith could drop dead and he would show more emotion is some stepped on Isis’ paw.

CORA– I’m still of the thought that someone is putting lithium in Cora’s food… she always seemed like she was dosed on something…. and I swear her accent has gotten weirder. Cora never seems to have much of a  storyline…. the annual Bazar seems to take a lot out of her.  But it seemed like the only real work she was doing was shuffling papers and delegating the work to the servants. Cora needs a story line, why can’t she meet on of Robert’s attentive and dashing friends maybe have an affair… it’s not like Robert is going to leave her… he knows what side his bread id buttered on.

LADY MARY– From the very first episode I enjoyed the fact that we got to experience Mary showing real emotion, she was still struggling with her grief and dealing with what seems like post-partum depression, but once she emerged from that her deadly vagina sent out it’s signal for suitors and they came running, I don’t get it….I really don’t Mary doesn’t really have an appealing attitude and there are  times when she can be aloof and down right condescending… but as we all know to be true money makes you uber attractive and men come running to Downton.. Lady-mary-at-tenants-lunch-1-

LADY EDITH – I LOVE Edith… everyone knows it, I make no qualms about it. But once again she get’s the short end of the stick. I will say this Edith certainly has a type… didn’t her new beau look like the unattractive younger brother of Sir Antony Strallen?

VIOLET – What can one say about Dame Maggie Smith, the woman (and the character) is a gem and she does nothing wrong… but this season more so than the past you really start to see her struggling with the world has it begins to modernize; and it’s interesting and entertaining to see.


BRANSON When you finish grieving Sybil, just know that there will be a ton of women waiting to get into your pants you little hot Irish monkey….. just stay away from Ethel. I hate that you didn’t listen to common sense and stay away from Ethel when she returned to Downton, but we all know how that turned out; here’s the issue with Branson, he’s “stuck” in a situation where he feels like he doesn’t belong and you allow the women in your life to exacerbate the situation, so either you put on your big boy pants and figure out a way to coexist in Downton or you work on your self esteem.

ISOBEL – “ you stupid, dense woman….you could have had you some *wink*” Funny how even after all this time she’s still completely dense, first the Dr. Clarkson was two seconds away from proposing THEN you get this older dashing Englishman pretty much telling you that he wants to see you all naked and you’re like, “ oh no, I’m Isobel and I’m completely dense an don’t know when people are flirting with me”

LADY ROSAMUND – Despite the fact that I think that Rosamund is a bitch I also thinks that she’s the kind of woman that has a LOT of gentleman callers…They way you supported Edith despite your beliefs was simply amazing…. but I think that you should consider telling your nieces that your home is NOT a hotel….

BATES – Despite that fact that you bore me, I honestly think the fact that you killed your ex-wife and you killed your wife’s rapist…. you’re guilty, but lucky for you you’ve got a woman who loves you more than anything  in the world and an employer who is willing to support you despite your murdering ways. And while I’m here let me put this out in the universe… how is it that you have limp amnesia? Sometimes you have a limp, sometimes you don’t……*suspect*

ANNA – Can we just all agree that Joanna Froggett deserves ALL the awards. The rape storyline was both horrifying and poignant made me angry, it made me sad and unfortunately it’s a reality for many woman…I personally think that it was done beautifully. PD*46991498
Mr. CARSONDo you have crush on Elise? I think you do…. that’s sweet You continue to have that stick so far up your ass, it’s getting really hard to like you, the behavior that you exhibited towards your fellow Cheerful Charlie made me rethink your whole attitude.

Ms. HUGHES – You are absolutely, and how you handled that evil witch Ethel and when “Mama Bear” came out…..

THOMAS –  You still don’t have a storyline… I swear it seemed like every so often you would stand behind Baxter and say, “You got any information”. Poor baby; it’s hard to scheme when you no long have O’Brien

MR. MOLSELY – How is it possible that you had a better story line than Thomas?

DAISY – I love you the most when you are bitchy and that final scene with you and Alfred was just amazing, it really showed how much you’ve grown.

IVY – At first I didn’t like you, and to be honest I still don’t care for you , and we aren’t gonna talk about the love square… but you got a new job in America…. that makes me happy… does that mean that you’re leaving….. please, please, please…

JIMMY – Where you even there?? You totally didn’t make an impression on me at all this season

ALFRED – Here’s a little interesting ditty … his last name is Nugent; how incredibly unfortunate for you. Alfred got a lot more interesting when his aunt left Downton, but I swear every episode I wanted to make you, especially after you sent Ivy that Valentine’s card…. here’s the thing Ivy has made it really clear that she’s just not that into you, but you kept perusing…. then you go away get you a nice fancy job and you come back to Downton … and ask her to marry you, I’m so confused why you thought that she would pine for you once you were gone. This whole time you could have had Daisy, then when you finally got an inkling she just wanted to be friends…(why does it always end up that way)

ETHEL – Girl, bye! downton1

DR. CLARKSON – Poor Dr. Clarkson…. still pinning for Isobel

Ms. PATTMORE – I’m still trying to figure out why Daisy hasn’t set you up with her father-in-law. More than anything I love how you and Ms. Hughes are the one who run Downton, and how you allow Mr. Carson think that he’s running things…. ha!

MARTHA – You try in infuse fun into everything that you .. you’re my kind of lady….. plus you bug the hell out of the Crawleys… and it makes me love you more

UNCLE HAROLDIf you and mama Martha are so much fun, what the hell happened to Cora? I loved you from the moment that you popped on the screen even if you were involved with that “little” incident. I can’t wait to see more of you next season, I think you’re a hoot!

LORD GILLINGHAM I think that you might be in….. I hope you don’t die

GREEN, LORD GILLINGHAM’s VALETHe was a smug rapist who thought he got away with it and now he’s dead….

EVELYN NAPIER  – The dude with the chicks name is BACK. I guess after you lose Mary to the dashing Turkish gentleman Mr. Pamuck you peace’d out (smart move!!), and once you heard about the death of Matthew you came back (bad choice) You seem like a really nice chap… but I don’t think Mary wants you… and let’s be real; you are probably pissed off that every time you bring a chap to Downton she shows more interest in him than you….first off it’s probably safer that way AND you could probably finagle this into a gig… supplying the Crawley women with men…

SARAH BUNTING I get that you think that Tom needs some companionship and it would seem more than ideal for him to be with someone that shares his ideologies…. but no!! I don’t like her she seems smug and her hats ere ugly… and I’m sorry but she’s not Sybil..

CHARLES BLAKE – Let’s be honest you make it difficult for people to like you…. you certainly made it difficult for Mary to like, but apparently a little mud bath changes everything. Mary may like you now, and very well might be in the running for Mary’s next dead husband… but you’re still on the fence with me

BAXTER You spend all of your time sewing, but I can’t help but wonder what kind of dark past you’re hiding

MR. SAMPSONI feel like we haven’t seen the last of you. You blackmail the Prince of Wales over his affair with Freda Dudley Ward, what else are you capable of ???


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