Nail Polish Lottery Club – Week 56


Are you still not sure what the Nail Polish Lottery Club let me give you a quick rundown; It’s a club for nail polish lovers. Do you have lots of nail polish you never used before? Put all your untried polishes into an excel sheet and  every week we pick a random number and wear a different nail polish, then we post the results on our YouTube channel, blog, or on the NPLClub Facebook page! Totally easy right? If you’d like to join us feel free, we’re all totally  cool!!

Nail Polish Lottery Club guidelines link :
Nail Polish Lottery Club Facebook page:
Nail Polish Lottery Club Twitter hashtag: #nplclub



I have had this in my collection since June 2013 and really haven’t had an opportunity to use them, but when one runs out of nail polish (THE HORROR) one becomes creative…so this week I present to you…



Alternate number  6 + 1 =7

Fing’rs Heat to Art “Map It Out” Nail Art


Considering there are three options in every package, it leaves you with a tons of options on how to do your nails… I gotta say I was instantly drawn to a particular one… it reminds me of the Chicago el’ system… so El collageit seemed appropriate that I use it. I’m all for a being a budget fashionista and changing up my look every now and then and since this is nail art with no fuss and no mess is an extra point in my book. So I started with two even coats of Sinful Colors White on White; in all fairness you can use whatever color that you like or none at all if you into a minimalistic look


Now each tattoo sheet is a good size sheet and I was able to do 8 nails with one sheet. Each design has 11 sheets (33 total), so when you think about the $4.99  retail value (at Wal-Mart) it’s a really good bargain!

These were super easy to use and the entire process of placing the tats took less than five minutes. The directions are as follows:



These are exactly like the tattoo’s I used to wear on my arm as a little kid. I will say that there was some slippage on the thumb, as you can clearly see on the picture, but overall all for my first try I 20140126_182137thin that I did a fantastic job and I’m really happy with the look of my nails. And I’m know that overall all this review is a lot shorter than one that would feature nail polish… but I honestly don’t have anything to bitch about there was no streaks, the brush wasn’t funky… the polish totally looked great with my skin. The one thing that I haven’t tested out was ease of removal, but I’m thinking because the tattoos are so thin that a good polish remover would be able to remove it no problem…. the kit did say not to use acetone polish (and I’m not about to use it to figure out why that is)… what can I say this one get’s an 11 out of 10. Yep you read this right… this got bonus points for ease of use, value and overall experience.


When I purchased this kit I also got the comic book one, and I can’t wait to us that one as well, but there is no point reviewing that one since I think the experience will be the same if not better, I will be venturing outside soon, as soon as Chicago get’s over the Polar Vortex part Deux  to purchase a few bottles of polish…. but for anyone who is looking to add a little extra to their polish I would defiantly recommend these.

If anyone has had experience using these let me know… I would love to hear from you


Until next time,



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