I Can’t Believe We Are Still Talking About This : The Gabourey Sidibe Edition

ku-xlargeEvery single time she makes an appearance or hits the red carpet people are talking about her weight. She’s a big girl… plus size diva… what ever you call it she’s fat. I know it, you know it, she knows it. So why is it  that’s all we talk about? Oh yeah we complement her acting abilities, her quick and snarky with… but then we also mention she’s fat. I’ve seen her on a few interviews and people seem to always ask, “Are you gonna lose weight?” And she always says no. Why should she? … Now let’s pull back the curtain for a minute. This many seem odd for me to say this considering this blog started off as a way for me to stay accountable with my weight loss’ and although it has branched out to other things, my point remains the same. Everyone has to choose when it’s the right time for them to make a change and lose weight? My reason is not more or less important that anyone else’s reason for losing weight. Some people don’t have that desire and never will, and as long as they are happy …. then I respect that.

Now back to Miss Gaby..she wore a lovely gold, iridescent dress she looked lovely, her hair was lovely. I bet she felt pretty; and that’s exactly what pretty dresses are supposed to do. Now I don’t subscribe to the thinking that just because you’re a certain size doesn’t mean you can’t wear something… if you buy it, love it, and it makes you feel good; then by all means wear it. If you want to have naked Sundays at your house .. DO IT!

Like seriously was this necessary?


The problem that I have is not that people tend to criticize her for her weight… it’s your opinion, you are entitled to it (even if it’s wrong) but the fact that people feel like she should have to apologize for her size… which is defiantly wrong; like it’s a short coming, yet she continues to prove everyone wrong despite what people think, this  talented woman has numerous nominations and awards behind her belt…anyone out there talking smack got an Academy Award nomination?…bet Mr. Ocean don’t

Now to be fair she isn’t the only actress who recently has gotten slack Melissa McCarthy has been the target of cruelty as well, so what’s the point where people decide to simply shut the hell up… do you have to reach a certain echelon of acting?

The point of this little blog entry is simple, she’s not taking any of your shit and frankly she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t need to change America…. YOU DO!


Gabourey …shutting down haters and critics with one tweet…


Until next time, be kind to each other….



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