100 pounds lost, 10 lessons learned


This morning I got on the scale and it read  174 pounds and realized something…I not only smashed my goal of hitting 199 pounds (ONEDERLAND!!!!) But I also hit a goal of 100 pounds lost! It’s been a long hard journey that started in 2011, and two years later I’m still at it……..


11. No matter how much I weigh I still don’t enjoy people telling me what I can and can not eat. What I put in my mouth is non of your damn business and I will deal with the “consequences” as I see fit. If I have one more person say, “You know how many calories that has” you will have my foot up your ass…mind your own business and eat your own food.

2. Just because someone else has loss weight doesn’t make them an expert. I listened to my body and did what was right for me. My goal has and continues to be 1-2 pounds a week. I’m not trying to have biggest loser results. I listened to my body, did what felt right for me, went at my own pace and celebrated my victories along the way. You have to want to lose weight and get healthy for the right reasons, and most importantly you have



3. I would have quit a long time ago if it wasn’t for my support system.  At the beginning of this journey that I ran into a lot of nay-sayers and saboteurs; it’s true what they say about  people; they  don’t always like to see you be well and succeed. Staying strong and staying true to my convictions only took me so far and on the bad days when I ate ice cream and cookies, or the scale 3was not showing the numbers that I wanted them to my support system was there to talk me off the ledge and remind me of the big picture. I will be eternally  grateful for Andrea starting the group and the wonderful people (past and present) on the Blue Team who have ALWAYS been there …..even for the silly, mundane stuff.. I am amazed each day that a group of strangers have come together and supported one another through what for many of us is one of the toughest challenges we will ever face.


4. No matter what I thought at the beginning of this journey. I know now that I was “good enough” then and I am certainly “good enough”  now !


5. I still hate going to the gym. I will never bee one of those people who enjoys waking up early and going to the gym. It has never been easy for me….. it continues to be a struggle; but I do it because I know what the results are. And the people who tell me that working out makes you happy can suck it! I don’t enjoy sweating and feeling my fat flap… it’s just not a good look on me. I’m always envious of that one person in the gym running on the treadmill without a drop of sweat…. those people are genetic freaks! I will say that my naps after my workout are quite enjoyable!



6. Apparently no matter what size I am, “I can’t fit this” is always going to be something I will say. My body will never be perfect, I will never be super model sized….. and that’s fine with me.


7. Weight loss is more mental that physical. I’ve had to shift thorough lots of emotional baggage to get to the real problems, and it was difficult. There is a running joke in my family that we come from a long line of fatties… and along with poor eating habits and very little physical activity I allowed my fat to become an emotional armor; and it allowed me to become close off from family and friends. As I lost weight I’ve become more vulnerable ….. it’s something that I am still working on..20131128_112129


8. Counting calories really help me look at how many empty calories I was eating, as I got smaller the number the more my  calories decreased so I really had to make decisions  about  what I ate… I  had to make substitutes for the old foods that I loved. flavored water instead of soda. Fruit leathers instead of candy.I currently use an app call Lose It! and I love it.. it helps me keep everything organized…. if I don’t input in food everyday I feel like I am missing something  When I allowed myself to make better choices for myself I felt more in control and more empowered. it


9. Setting goals, and giving myself treats once I reached those goals and celebrating my Non Scale Victories made a world of difference.

10. I will always be on my journey for better health… my health has become my number one priority.


I’m sure as I continue to lose I will continue to learn lesson, a new goal is set and I’m already working on achieving it…. 150 pounds… here I come!!!