Nail Polish Lottery Club : Week 48

My love for blue nail polish has been well documented on this blog… I love it… I love it. So imagine my surprise when this weeks pick was a lovely shade courtesy of Zoya





I used an alternate numbers would be  1+6+8 = 15

Zoya’s Neve


Are you still not sure what the Nail Polish Lottery Club let me give you a quick rundown; It’s a club for nail polish lovers. Do you have lots of nail polish you never used before? Put all your untried polishes into an excel sheet and  every week we pick a random number and wear a different nail polish, then we post the results on our YouTube channel, blog, or on the NPLClub Facebook page! Totally easy right? If you’d like to join us feel free, we’re all totally  cool!!

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So I originally got this nail polish a few months back in what was part of the goodies that come in my October ipsy bag. Anytime I get nail polish in my bags it’s like a gift from the gods… and the month I got N20131203_154051eve…. I honestly put it bag in the bag and stuck it in a drawer…. I didn’t want anyone to use it (or God forbid take it) I tend to be very territorial about certain nail polishes. Zoya’s Neve is a full coverage sapphire blue metallic for the Satin Collection (2013) originally designed for Zang Toi Autumn/Winter 2013 collection and it is lovely. It has  micro shimmers in it which are not chunky and they don’t give a very glittery look to the nails.  I can see purple, blues and even some dark fuchsia colored shimmers. The finish is very metallic and gives a  high shine. This is one of the nail polishes that if you’re stingy with it, it will be stingy with you meaning… if you put on at least two good coats, you’re gonna miss all the hidden shimmer this polish has to offer… (After realizing how dull two coats looked three was the trick). This nail polish does apply smoothly and evenly but you can see a lot of brush strokes when applying this nail polish hence you need a very steady hand to apply this product . This nail polish also tends to stain the nails (which is true for most blue polishes), so I recommend using a base coat to protect your nails before applying this polish.


ddshineI don’t think that I’ve ever had a negative experience with Zoya polishes, their formula; no matter the type of polish is consistent and always looks good… three days after I initially applied this polish I am still completely in love with it. Although Zoya calls this polish blue, it really it more of a blurple . And if you have been reading my past nail polish post, you know I simply can’t leave well enough alone. So I added one of my favorite holiday themed polishes from Different Dimension’s Santa Baby Collection “Think of all the fellas I haven’t kissed.” as an accent nail. Just the right amount of “bling” to make me happy.

I don’t have a lot of complaints with this polish, so I guess I’ll keep this one short and sweet. On a scale of one to ten Neve would get a solid 8.5. I will defiantly be wearing this one again






Until next time… keep those cuticle moisturized !