Friend Makin’ Monday : Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments

How is it Monday already? I swear last week was like Monday, Thursday, Saturday….Sunday, Monday….. guess when you’re not feeling that great and you spend a lot of time in bed, the days tend to bleed together…


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1. Share the details of your first kiss. My first kiss begin on a dare. My mother was visiting her friend Brenda and all the kids were upstairs playing. The sister Marlena dared me to kiss her older brother Jo-Jo (for the life of me I can’t remember that boys name, but that’s what his nickname was … and that’s what I knew him as…. plus let’s be honest; he’s not all that important to this story anyway) So I did it. One small peck on the lips.. But that damn Marlena, she was evil… and she shimmied down the stairs and told the mothers, that we were up stairs kissing… seriously when does one kiss become making out…. but I was only 10 and my mother promptly freaked out, took me home, and yelled at me, and put me on punishment for three days…. THREE DAYS do you know how hard it was to not go outside and play for three days?!! After that I no longer talked to Marlena (she was a total snitch) and I stayed away from her brother Jo-Jo too; listen I wasn’t trying to get my mother angry again… Needless to say it was YEARS until I had my next kiss which was much better by the way….but since my first kiss was an epic tale of fail, how could I possibly forget it.


2. Did you put your foot in your mouth in 2013? If so, tell us about it. Has that happened? If so I seriously don’t recall (evil smirk)


3. Share the story of one of your most embarrassing moments. Gosh, there are so many. My entire life has been a round of embarrassing moment, honestly I’m not ……oh gawd there are sooooo many *Face palms*

4. Tell us what it was like when you traveled outside of your home state or country for the first time. When I was a little girl my family would hope in my grandfather’s car and drive to St. Louis to see family. For a young girl those trips were torture. Five or six people in a car (OH GAWD!!!) It’s hot (SAVE ME) and my grandfather at the wheel (BLANK STARE). But there were good times, those st_louislunches that my mom and grandmother used to make… the cooler full of drinks. And the best part… the pit stops in Effingham, IL. Even as a child I would get giddy just saying Effingham…. say it with me people… Effingham, Effingham….. Effingham. Those gas stations knew we were coming… lots of treats to keep me occupied and empty bathrooms


5. Share something that forced you outside of your comfort zone in 2013.  Here’s the thing I am a creature of habit, I am my most happiest when things are constant and predictable… I don’t like surprises; with that being said I have done my best not to put myself in situations where being outside of my comfort zone is the norm. Man I’m seriously debating writing this…but being at the gynecologist office is odd for women in general. But picture this, I was in the hospital, after a kidney biopsy gone horrible wrong (I was urinating blood) and the doctor wanted to give me a catheter *looks up to the heavens*  This overly cheerful, but generally sweet nurse comes in with her supplies and proceeds to do her thing (anyone who’s had a catheter places knows how awkward it is… and would generally prefer to be knocked out when it happens) well Nurse “Happy” couldn’t get it in… so she called in friend,Nurse “I get off in ten minutes let’s make this quick”. Two strange women exploring my vaginal area trying to figure out the best way to place a catheter is defiantly OUTSIDE my comfort zone.


6. Tell us about a gift that you received that meant a lot to you. Hands down, the best gifts I ever received were both of my liver transplants… after that… even the shiniest new car pales in comparison.


7. Share the details of the best date that you’ve been on in the last year. This year I have truly enjoyed the girl dates that my mom and I have. I mean they are nothing special. They generally start with a phone call asking when I’m going to get out of bed, because half the day is over… or the ever “I’m ready to go”. They range from going shopping, going out to eat or just chilling at her house watching really bad reality shows… one of our favorites is Secret Princes.


8.  Describe one beautiful moment that was not captured by a photo. I was still living in Las Vegas at the time, I think we all pretty much knew that a second transplant was on the horizon, the issue was me surviving long enough to receive it. I was in really bad shape, my blood sugar was sky high, my blood pressure was abnormally low and after being in a few comas things were looking very bleak. After spending more than six weeks in the hospital the only thing I wanted to do was go outside and feel the air. One evening my vitals were stable enough for the staff to allow be to go outside for a little while. I remember as soon as my wheel chair hit the pavement I was assaulted by all these scents…. it was the oddest sensation it was like I could smell EVERYTHING. I remember telling my mom this, and she just looked at me like I was crazy. The hospital had something called a healing garden so we headed there. I sat in a cozy spot in my wheel chair while my mom made some phone calls. I remember this clear as day….. I closed my eyes concentration on the scents… I remember lavender… and I remember how good and comforting it smelled. All of the sudden something odd happened. It was almost like I drifted away, my mother’s voice on the phone became very distant and I started to hear people whisper in my was like they were talking over each other talking so fast and as much as I tried to concentrate on what they were saying I even to this day I can’t recall what I was hearing… I do know that I was overwhelmed with feeling of comfort and peace; I also remember more than anything the feeling of warmth, it was almost like there was a bright light just warming me from the inside out…… and for the first time in a long time I felt like I would survive this and I was going to be okay. Seems almost immediately I began to get better…healthy enough to travel back to the Midwest were I eventually had my second transplant.copy-of-healing-garden

The only person I’ve ever told that story to was my mother; and now you all know. Was I hallucinating? Maybe. But I have and continue to believe that it was a high power protecting me, healing me, and reminding me that I have more left to do on this Earth, and this is just one of my many pit falls. I’ve had major health issues after that, but when ever I have gotten to the point where I feel like I simply can’t do it anymore I remember that moment in time on a warm Las Vegas evening where something happened to me that changed my life forever.



9.  Share one important thing that you hope to accomplish before the end of the year. I’m working on regaining mental and physical strength before the years end, after being ill for so long I sort of feel week, and I’m really working on getting back into shape…..I’ve still got weight to lose


10.  Tell us about one defining moment of 2013. This is a lesson that I learn… forget… and learn again. But I finally got it! I finally realized that sometimes all it takes is time, Time to heal, Time to grow, Time to move on and continue you’re life. You can’t rush it…. you have to let things move at their own pace, and you have to learn to be happy with that.


I really liked this weeks FMM, I hope the other participants did as well….until next week