Nail Polish Lottery Club – Week 20


Different Dimension’s “Totally”


Are you still not sure what the Nail Polish Lottery Club let me give you a quick rundown; It’s a club for nail polish lovers. Do you have lots of nail polish you never used before? Put all your untried polishes into an excel sheet and  every week we pick a random number and wear a different nail polish, then we post the results on our YouTube channel, blog, or on the NPLClub Facebook page! Totally easy right? If you’d like to join us feel free, we’re all totally rad!!!

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I remember the 80’s so fondly; the clothing I could do without, but the movies and music seem so timeless to me, which is why I was totally rad that this week pick is an 80’s inspired polish from Missi Barry’s Different Dimensions. I’ve briefly mentioned Missi in a previous NPLClub post, so most of you know how much I love her polishes.. So this week was“Totally” (other polishes in the limited edition 80’s  collection include “Ditz”, “Whatever”, “Homeboy”, “Tubular and “Gnarly”)

Described as a neon with a scattered holographic effect; the closest thing I can compare them to are the A England scattered holos but that’s not even totally accurate. The biggest reason I love these, though, is that they are NEON scattered holos, and they have really awesome opacity. No layering over white required. Another great thing about these polishes is that the scattered holo pigment adds texture without greying out the base. For this polish you need 3 good coats to reach opacity, although the first two coats were a bit streaky but my final coat it’s not even noticeable.

Photographing this polish was totally frustrating indoors in looks more yellow and outdoors it looks more green

So you know me, and you know I can’t leave well enough alone, although this nail polish was fantastic, it (in my opinion) needed something more to make this feel more 80’s and I can’t top a Different Dimensions polish with jut anything, so of course I had to use another DD polish this one is “Social Suicide” from the “Mean Girls” Collection… other polishes in that collection include, “Boo, You Whore!”, “That’s So Fetch” and Wednesdays’ We Wear Pink” (don’t you just love the names?)

These beauties can be found  at the Different Dimension’s Etsy Shop  or at Llarowe along with tons of other gorgeous offerings too! Like them on Facebook for all the latest updates on collections as well!


I’m super, totally excited about seeing what everyone else’s pick are ….. (How many times did I end up saying totally?)

Until then, Stay Gold!