Nail Polish Lottery Club – Week 18



(who on Earth has 300 untried nail polishes…. so this week the number was 3)

Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri – Brisk Blue


I really like this, its great for those times when you really want a quick and hassle free manicure. I really like the brush too, as I mentioned in a previous post when I used an Insta-Dri polish the brush is huge, so it’s easy to get big long strokes.  I only needed one coat, as the bottle said. The only drawback with this polish is it’s stains like a mother… seriously.  I didn’t like about this one was that it stains my nails. And it stained my freakin’  thumb . The color is called Brisk Blue and it’s sort of a
Cerulean blue, it’s totally reminds me of the Caribbean.  One of the things I always harp on is if polish is compatible for African American skin tones, and this one totally fits the bill. And I think that this particular color would look wonderful on anyone who wants to wear it. This is a drug store brand so it should be pretty easy to purchase it in-store or online.

Ratings:10 / 10

Rating Adjusted for Staining of Nails and Skin 5 / 10



 Tyra Attempts a Nail Art Tutorial………

I want to make something really clear, I’m not inventing the wheel here, I find things that I like and make it my own… slightly change the design or the color. I am still a novice when it comes to nail art, so i tend to stick with the simple…. I still have yet to master the art of stamping (it’s beyond frustrating for me)

So dotting tools are my “go to”  when I want to so some quick nail art. Dots are classic and easy to do, and you don’t need a dotting tool, you can use things at home like erasers, the tips of bobby pins and even tooth picks… or you make your own (there are several YouTube tutorials to show you how), you can coordinate colors, use contracting ones…it’s totally up to you and your mood.

  • Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator
  • Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Sinful Colors – Snow on White                 
  • Absolute! –  Fushcia
  • Black and White stripers
  • Dotting Tool
  • Qtica Fast Drying Topcoat

1. After prepping my nails using a  base coat I used 1 coat of this weeks #NPLClub Pick. I used one coat because the color is very opaque, use your discretion on how many coats of your base color you needDSC02256

2. Place the white polish slightly center- left of your nail. I used a nail stripper, but you can use your regular nail polish brush… use what you’ve got. DSC02262

3. I repeated with the black polish center-rightDSC02264

4. using your base color make 3 dots where your base color and the black/white polish meet. It makes a cool “wave effect”. If you want something simple and not too busy, you could stop right here and move on to step 9

(this is where Tyra should have stopped)DSC02272DSC02273

5. & 6. Now take your black/white polish and add two alternating dots.DSC02275

7. & 8. In the center of the nail take black nail polish use your dotting tool to create dots down the center of the nail. Once that is done take the white dotting tool and place in the in the alternating space. Now you have something that resembles “elongated puzzle pieces” (Tyra REALLY should have stopped here)DSC02277

8a. TYRA decided to add hot pink dots randomly in the center (on the black and white parts) and white polish on the areas that had the base color with a smaller dotting tool. TYRA instantly regretted it!

This is a good time to quote Kenny Rodgers, “Know when to hold them, know when to fold them” DSC02279DSC02280

9. Add your top coat. (I noticed that when I added my top coat it sort of “dragged” the nail polish a bit giving it a softer “blended” look.

10. Clean up your nails

11. Enjoy your creation

As I said earlier dots are my absolute favorite any color would work with this look…. so try it out!

As a caveat I have to tell you that after I came home from the gym I promptly took off the nail polish fearing more staining on my nails and did another, stain friendly nail art.DSC02291 And also before I forget again



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