FMM : A Little About Me


This week  has already started out with a bang for me, I have mentioned before on FMM and my blog that I will be participating in the Pretty Muddy 5K in September, and after busting my butt on the treadmill the other week (here’s a hint people… even if your gym is open 24 hours … don’t attempt to exercise if you are currently suffering from insomnia… it doesn’t end well) So as I was saying I totally screwed up my knees, ankles and hips… so I wanted to start slow… So I challenged my self that I would walk 5k a day. Today I have finished day 2 and I’m doing well… the pain and the swelling has gone down.. and most importantly I’m sleeping like a champ. I’m documenting my journey on my YouTube channel. I’m also in the process of recording last weeks FMM as a video so stay tuned for that!…Now on to the questions…

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A Little About Me

1. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?  No, I tend to not like the men that I end of dating at first, When I say not like, I mean a deep rooted dislike. Maybe it’s my way of denying my attraction..

2. What channel is your TV on most? I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix & Hulu… All My Children and One Life To Live  have returned, and THEN I discovered all these shows… right now I totally into this show called The Only Way in Essex. (It’s like a cross between The Jersey Shore and The Hills), Then of course Hemlock Grove…that show is nuts!!!

3. Share one quality that you’re proud to have.  My nurturing quality

4.  Describe your idea of a great evening. I’m pretty low-key… so hanging with good people and having a good conversation is a great evening for me… great food would be an added plus!

5. If your friends were asked to describe you in three words, which words would they choose?  I really don’t have a clue what they would say about me, I’m a bit scared. I know sarcastic would be one…

6. What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas!

7. If you could change one thing that would make your life easier instantly, what would it be?  I would not have an autoimmune disease that cause my two liver transplants.

8. What is one healthy food that you crave?  Avocado

9. Do you wear socks when you sleep?  If I’m really cold I will fall asleep with them on, but I take them off when I start to get hot. They end up under my blankets only to be found days later.

10. Share at least three things for which you are thankful.  My amazing family, the ability to wake up each morning and strive despite the obstacles I seem to face, and my an amazing support team that seems to be growing every day.

Wow this one was short and sweet! In any case… see ya next Monday!269983_10152293661000995_1469793442_n