Nail Polish Lottery Club–Week 17


Nicole by OPI’s Mer-maid for Each Other



I absolutely love this color, I think the nail is perfect, like fish scales the polish looks different based on the light or your hand movement… so it’s wearing multiple polishes.

This color is a  duochrome green shifting to golden-green and blue. . The color change is bold enough which makes the polish interesting.   It dried fast and the removal was easy and I’m not wearing topcoat. Word to the wise this type of nail polish is really prone to streaking so that might sour your opinion of this polish, but I made sure to let each coat dry before I added the next one, also using long continuous strokes helps prevent the streaking.

I REALLY wanted to do some nail art with the polish, but after wearing it for 14 hours and constantly looking at my nails I thought, “forget it, let these nails shine on their own”, but no worries next week… it’s on!!!

Apparently this nail polish was a limited edition… which I can totally understand why. But with all limited editions if you miss out on it, you can always find a dupe around the corner and in this case .. you just needed to go to OPI and China Glaze.

I mentioned in the video that there was a similar polish to the one I tried this week. It’s OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard also China Glaze’s “Unpredictable” (which is probably more identical to Mer-maid for each other)


photo curtsey of www.

So what do you think of this color? Do you think it was “mer-maid” for you? Let me know…

Until Next Week!!!!


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