FMM: Twenty Questions


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Twenty Questions

1. Share something that you enjoy doing when you’re alone. Dance and Sing

2. What do you plan to eat next? No clue, I’m having a hard time trying to get down breakfast (a daily struggle for me)

3. When did you first travel on a plane?  Where did you go? I took a FunJet (are they still in business?) to California with the family

4. Do you currently have a crush on someone?  If so, share a few of the reasons why.  A crush on a normal, everyday person? No. Celebrity?…. Nope. But Athlete?? Oh yes… and let me just say, the Mesa Grand Prix was this past weekend so I was able to see him once again in all his shirtless glory… Why? I can’t explain it… I need to just show you real quick 5 reasons…


5. List one thing that disgusts you that probably wouldn’t bother someone else.  Certain words, for example; panties, smegma, moist, pflegm, seepage… just writing these words gave me chills…ahhh!!

6. If you could buy a new car tomorrow (and money was no object) what would you buy? Chevy Tahoe Hybrid… money is no object, but I still would like to be environmentally responsible


7. Who was the first person who broke your heart? My father

8. If you could spend the night with a celebrity tonight, who would it be? See Question 4… and if he’s so inclined he’s more than welcome to wear his Speedo… or maybe jammer, I’m not picky


9. Are you a morning person or a night person? Neither… I’m more of an afternoon person

10. What’s your favorite board game? Scrabble

11. Can you play an instrument? If so, what do you play?  Viola

12. What is the last thing you ate?  Bagel

13. Do you wear a watch?  Sometimes, I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing so

14. Do you go to church? Yes

15. Do you ever wish on stars? No

16.  Have you ever been on a motorcycle? No

17. What is the last thing you purchased? A coffee from Starbucks

18. How big is your bed? Queen

19. What size shoe do you wear? Usually a 9, but it varies a little.

20. What are you looking forward to most in the coming week? Friday!

Until Next Monday!!!


3 thoughts on “FMM: Twenty Questions

    • I had to go back and see what #7 . To make a long story short my relationship with my father is non existent, so to hear that you almost answered the same makes me sad….


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