Nail Polish Lottery Club – Week 13


April is 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day so I decided to forgo about the number this week and try one of my untried blues. Actually for the entire month I will be using various untried blues as I will be participating in Paint It Blue for more information checkout and be sure to use the Instagram tag #bluenailsforautism


Since I’m doing double duty this week I wanted to mention a nail polish that  purchased last year from one of my favorite indie polish makers Missi Barry of Different Dimensions, she created this awesome polish with proceeds going charities supporting Autism. Not only is the polish super cute, but it glows in the dark!


For details on Autism, or Light It Up Blue, here are a few links for you to check out.

So now for the untried (Blue) Polish this week…………


(you have the option of using 2+8+1=11 and if you don’t have 11, then use 1+1=2.)

Sinful Colors After Party (Almost Famous Collection


So many sparkles!

And for your amusement… the first time I tried to record


Nail Polish Lottery Club guidelines link :
Nail Polish Lottery Club Facebook page:
Nail Polish Lottery Club Twitter hashtag: #nplclub

Until next time!!


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