So I made a promise to myself that I would participate in FMM every week as a way to keep my blog up and moving, and it could be a way for me to get some inspiration flowing, because I have not been sharing the snarkiness with the masses at all! So February rolls around and I look at the questions and instantly I say, “Ain’t nobody got time for this” and the next thing I know it’s a month later….. So because I’m a procrastinator and I don’t want to make a liar out of myself… here is a month worth of questions from’s Friend Makin Mondays


Questions and Answers

February 25, 2012


1. Did you watch the Oscars? If so, who did you enjoy seeing most?  I didn’t watch the Oscars, I make it a point not to watch any award shows, if I do watch I will watch the red carpet only because I’m more concerned about the sartorial splendor than anything else, I can always find out who wins the next day on the internet. And in the case of the Oscars every single aspect of the Oscars were discussed the next day on every single news outlet known to man… so really it was like watching it.

2. Do you drink meal replacement shakes, smoothies, etc?  No, I’m a little weary of those shakes and smoothies and honestly I’m trying to eat all my meals why on earth would I need something to replace it

3. Share one thing you have done to help someone in the last week?  Honestly I didn’t do anything, I spent the majority of my time in bed recovering from surgery, and if I really wanted to pull something out of this question I stayed out of everyone’s way. Cause a Tyra in pain is not a happy Tyra..

4. What is the tastiest thing you ate last week?  I had a Philly cheese steak and it was like eating a little slice of heaven

5. Think of one fun thing that you could do this week without spending any money to do it.  I spent a great deal of time in bed watching “Rob and Big”, “ Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness” I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard before, which was probably not the smartest thing considering I had abdominal surgery, and I was literally holding my gut every time I laughed but it really lifted my spirits.

6. Share one place that you’ve been to and would like to visit again.  I would love to go back to Puerto Rico, when I went on a cruise a few years ago we only spent a few hours there before we headed back home, but I remember thinking, I could totally live here, so I would defiantly want to go back and stay a few weeks, soak up some sun and take in the culture

7. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  I prefer Facebook; I don’t think my personality fits with Twitter…seriously 140 characters?? That’s just the warm up for me; and let’s not forgets that if you tweet too much you can go to twitter jail…

8. What is your favorite vegetable?  Broccoli and Cauliflower are my favorites; I can never get enough of them.

9. Share a goal that you have for the month of MarchThis month I will continue to stay within my calorie range of 1400 calories a day and drink at least 10oz of water, this month I will also attempt to complete a March Madness Challenge from Sunshine’s Journey to 199.

10. Share a quote that inspires you. 

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill


Blogger to Blogger

February 18, 2012



1.  Does your blog have one overwhelming theme?Nope, it’s a completely random

2. How did you come up with the theme(s) for your blog? Was it intentional? Not really, I think I just wanted something that was really reflective of me and my life, which is completely random and doesn’t have a definitive flow… much like my real life.

3. Share something cool that has happened in your life as a result of blogging. This didn’t really happen because of my current blog, but it did happen on Twitter which I think is considered a micro –blogging site (I could be totally wrong about that…. But it’s a story so stay with me on this) I was following  Amber Benson , who I think is simple fantastic tweeted, “Hey guys what do you think of the new Giant Cheetos, not sure if I should try them or not” I replied something to the effect that they look like giant orange turds and I’m not sure I could eat them based on that alone, she replied that something like, “OMG I never thought of it that way”…so I log off of twitter totally on a high about “speaking” to a famous person on twitter, I log on the next day and I get a private message from the Cheetos twitter account telling me that they were made aware of my displeasure of their product…and wanted to know if they could send me coupons their products… so I sent them my address and ended up with a box full of all sorts of Cheetos products including those giant Cheetos that still look like a giant orange turdimages

4. How much time to do spend reading blogs every day?A couple hours a day

5.  Do you blog on the weekends?I don’t have a regular blogging schedule, which I really am trying to work on.

6.  Do you keep track of your stats?  Do they matter to you?No, I don’t expect people to read my blog, I don’t consider myself or my story to be compelling enough for people to want to keep coming back for more

7. How do you decide how much to share about your personal life? I will post it if feel someone can relate to it, I really don’t want to put all my business in the street.

8. Do you aspire to be a writer, or did blogging happen for some other reason? I started blogging because I had something to say and just started writing…

9. As a blogger, do you think it’s more important to write for yourself, or for your readers?Both, I think there is a reason you have the followers that you do, they identify with you on some level,

10.  What kind of plans do you have for the future of your blog?Not sure yet… still working on that..


Personal Quirks and Habits

February 11, 2012



1. Share one unique character trait that sets you apart from your friends.I have no tolerance for BS. My friends for the most part are little bit more lenient about things like that… but not me once the BS meter goes off it’s pretty much over.

2. List at least two pet peeves that always aggravate you.People who never do what they say they are going to do, and people who are consistently late.

3. Is there a word or phrase that you say so regularly that people expect to hear it from you?“Whatever” I find that word works for a variety of situations, but usually I say it in a dismissive matter.

4. Are you a risk taker, or do you typically play it safe?I play it safe…

5. Describe your life as it was in high school. Are you the same person? Have you changed?OMG, Yes! It’ funny because how I saw myself in high school is not how other people saw me in high school. I had a respectable amount of friends in high school, but I always felt like I was a loaner inside. Apparently I was the shy popular girl. Although I don’t consider myself shy by any means it does take me some time to warm up to new people. I like to observe people who sitting back and watching them interact with other people tells me a lot about them.

6. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done that you’re glad you did?I know there is something, I just can’t think of anything at the moment.

7. Do you ever talk to yourself? If so, share an example. Yes! By the way did you know that the most intelligent people tend to talk to themselves? I will typically talk to myself when I am frustrated or when I lose something, it’s not uncommon for me ask myself where I put something while I’m searching for it.

8. Share something you did that unexpectedly helped shape your life.I forgave people and I let go of a lot of anger, You don’t realize until you let go all of the bull how deeply it was affecting you, no one should have to live with that type of pain, letting go of the anger was the only way that I was able to move on and find some peace

9. Do you follow a strict routine, or are you a free spirit?Are you somewhere in between? Defiantly somewhere in between. Personally life… free spirit all the way. Work or School…strict routine!

10. Share something about yourself that you hope will inspire others. Despite all the adversities I’ve gone through, I’ve still remained positive and continue to move ahead. My transplant journey doesn’t define who I am, it’s just a small part of who I am

Five Things

 February 04, 2013


1. Share five things you hope to do before you die.

A.   Ride in a hot air balloon

B.   Run a marathon

C.   Travel the world

D.  Have a (tastefully) naked picture taken of myself

E.   Sit down and have a conversation with all the living presidents


2. List five things you love about yourself.

A.   My freckles

B.   My fingernails and my skinny fingers

C.   My strangely literal brain

D.  My capacity to live

E.   my witty personality


3. Share the five coolest things that you’ve done in 2013.

All the cool stuff I have planned starts in the Spring and Summer

40928201208logo pmsticker3

4. List five things that you always have in your kitchen.

A.   Cat food

B.   Spices

C.   Rice

D.  Microwave popcorn

E.   Fruit


5. Share five places you would like to go on vacation.

A.   Puerto Rico

B.   Senegal

C.   New Zealand


D.  Ireland


E.   San Francisco



6. List five celebrities/public figures you’d like to meet.

A.   Bill Clinton

B.   Nathan Adrian

C.   The Dalai Lama

D.  ??

E.   ??

7. List five bands or artists you’d like to see perform live.

A.   Bruno Mars (happening this spring!)

B.   Maroon 5, every time I see them they are awesome…

C.   Coldplay



8. List five TV shows that you don’t want to miss.

A.   Downton Abbey

B.   Celebrity Apprentice

C.   Duck Dynasty

D.  Too Cute

E.   Supernatural


9. Share five things you wanted to do as a child.

A.   Move to NYC and work at a magazine

B.   Be a mom

C.   Be a secretary

D.  Become a professional singer

E.   Be a doctor


10.  Share five things you hope to do in 2013.

A.   Wanna hit the onederland goal!

B.   Start my midwifery courses

C.   Continue cultivating friendships with people who matter to me

D.  Become more social

E.   Improving my health


So this completes the previous FMM, tomorrow I will post the answers from tomorrows FMM… maybe I’ll do something different with them

Until next time

Dance Like Nobody is Watching!

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