Downton Downers


My lovely PBS affiliate likes to give us two hours of Downton Abbey every Sunday, and I used to love it. I think I’m getting to the point where I’m seriously over the show. Every single time I watch the show a new person annoys me. Currently on my list of people who are annoying me

  • Mary Crawley-Crawley – she’s bitch and snarky (but I love bitchy and snarky women and she killed a man with her vagina, but she was way too gung-ho about the Swire fortune for my tastes)
  • Mary Crawley’s smug tan husband … really this is a period drama, you’re supposed to be pasty white (Julian Fellows, I blame you for that!!)
  • Ma Crawley – it’s time for her to find a new hobby, first it was the hospital, now it’s saving prostitutes .. NEWSFLASH teaching them how to sew is not gonna save them from the streets….can we find her a boyfriend or something?
  • Lord Grantham – I think he ran Downton Abbey to the ground on purpose, He doesn’t do anything all day but talk to his valet and play with his dog, he didn’t have time to properly look over DA’s financial records? Come on man…. that’s the one job you have.
  • Thomasthe bitchy valet, formally known as the evil footman- You got exactly what you wanted, you’re Lord Grantham’s valet. You don’t even go out and in the back and smoke with O’Brien, I think you’re bitchiness toward O’Brien and her freakishly tall nephew stems in sexual frustration
  • Bates – Why is he even still here, He’s in prision it’s boring there, and I’m starting to think he really did kill his wife… I’m over the whole storyline
  • Anna – How is it possible that she still has a job, she does NOTHING!
  • Sir Anthony Strallen – SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY…..Edith is about to blow up, and all you have is a car you can’t drive anymore and one good arm to keep you warm….

I’m pretty much expecting everyone to be on this list by season’s end. except Edith… I’m totally #TeamEdith!!!

But naturally I will continue to watch… what else will I have to complain about, but I am always thankful Up Yours, Downstairs! They always say what I’m thinking