FMM: Fall Favorites

                     Fall Favorites
1. What is your favorite thing about this time of year?  This time of the year reminds me when I was younger and going back to school, wearing my new school clothes and seeing my friends again. As I got older autumn has always been about renewal, letting the mad habits fall away like the leaves and start fresh again.
 2. What do you hope to do again before Summer is officially over?  Walk barefooted in the grass.
 3. When did you last go on a hay ride?  It was about 3 years ago, it’s not a memory that I remember fondly. I distantly remember a lot of itching and sneezing AND bad language
4. What is your favorite pumpkin dish?  I have recently learned to love pumpkin. 30 some odd years without pumpkin anything… (can you imagine?). But I think I would say pumpkin spice bread is my favorite.
5. Do you decorate your home for fall?  No I save all my decorations for Christmas.
6. Do you have any hobbies that are seasonally specific? If so, what are they?  I love attempting to craft, and there are some projects that actually get finished. I usually save all my needle craft for the winter time.
 7. Apple cider or hot chocolate?  Such a hard choice… why must you make me choose?
8. Are you a fan of football?  If so, who is your team?  Yes! Green Bay Packers all the way!!!
9. Share a fond Fall memory.  My very first fall in Las Vegas, it made me truly miss seeing the leaves changing, feeling that moist, crisp evening air. Smelling the dew on the grass right before it frosts over. Living in such a dry places makes me miss simple things like having 4 seasons.
 10. It’s not Fall until…You find pumpkin spice stuff everywhere… it used to be when Starbucks came out with the pumpkin spice latte (but I have stopped drinking coffee about a year ago) but I guess that still counts. Instead of drinking the coffee, I start burning my pumpkin spice scented candles.

One thought on “FMM: Fall Favorites

  1. How could I forget about walking barefoot in the grass! I am totally going to miss that! I bet that first fall without a season change was tough! Stopping in from FMM – hi!


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