Emotional Fat

I’ve had so many people ask me, “do you feel smaller?” And every time I tell them the same thing… nope ! , but then again when I was heavier I didn’t feel bigger either. But what I see when I look down and what I see in a mirror are not the same thing . When I take a picture and people say, “wow, you’re so skinny” I always tell them that it’s an illusion, the camera makes me skinnier (or I have awesome posing skills)

I know this is emotional… so now I’m coming to terms with and learning how to lose my emotional fat.

I don’t know who this woman is… but I swear I’m gonna find her (not in a creepy stalker way)…I just want to say thank you for posting her journey were I could find it..

I have always said that weight loss has been the cheapest, yet the most devastatingly cathartic experience therapy I could get. And for weeks now I been saying that I have worked through my issues but the truth is like my weight loss goal I’m only half way there.

5 Things that tuned me in that I was STILL emotionally overweight

  1. Wearing and buying clothes that are two big. Just recently I purchased a 2X shirt thinking it would fit…until I was a badgered into taking it back and exchanging it for a L. 
  2. Comparing this weight loss journey with my past… when clearly the last time didn’t work that well..(I gained it all back…and then some)
  3. Comparing my weight loss journey with others….not gonna lie, I’ve been super jealous of people pulling in double digits at weekly weigh-in and the most I loss is 2 or 3 pounds.
  4. Not celebrating my achievement… it’s a big deal for me that I’m losing weight…I should really stop telling people that it’s not
  5. Not  being 100% honest with myself
So technically this was not supposed to be blog entry… just think of it as an epiphany that I wrote down to share.

Until next time


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