1 month, 300 miles, flabby arms and a NSV!!

I’ve been participating in the Forrest Gump Invitational over at SJT199 and today I hit my personal best as far as miles walked in a month… 300 miles. And to be honest… I felt every single freakin’ mile. I have never been shy about telling anyone that I hate exercising. I don’t like to sweat… and at the end of the day I am super duper lazy! Sweating is not attractive, breathing hard is not attractive…. but I do it because I made to commitment *sigh*

Holy heat wave batman…
So I’ve come to the conclusion that heat is not my friend… I was miserable, I didn’t have the energy to do anything, exercising outside was dangerous and to add insult to injury I swelled up like a water balloon ready to burst.. So far this summer has been brutal and I have a feeling that we are gonna experience more extreme heat before the summer is up, I think that might be the perfect time for me to  check out Netflix (for their assortment of exercise tapes) or do some yoga


I’ve decided to stop complaining… and finally do something about my flabby “flags” arms. So first let me show you the hot mess that my arms have become (brace yourself peeps… this ain’t pretty).. YUCK!!!!!!
There is   clear line of demarcation of where the muscle is and where in “empty” flab begin…or as I like the say, “the line where the doctor is gonna cut it off” (Plastic surgery is not on my radar… but it may be once I marry my 89 year old fiancee…I kid…I kid!!!), So I do what I always do…I complained until someone told me what to do… and boy did I hate the answer I got ..PUSH-UPS…

So let me share with you a secret, push-ups scare me, I have visuals of basic training and some man yelling at my while I’m crying…plus I honestly don’t think my arms are strong enough to hold all my body weight just yet… and I really like my wrists and don’t want to break them… So I did a search for a modified version until I strong enough to do the real thing… I think I can do this…

I also found some other awesome tips on the Livestrong website that I’m going to try.

So on to something a little bit less depressing during the heat wave I had my another NSV…I wore shorts!!! ..okay so let me clarify that I did in fact wear shorts last year at a water park… but let’s me honest… it was either walking around in a swimsuit or wear some shorts…I will choose shorts every single time…

So I’ve had this pair of shorts for years and putting them on last summer was a no-no… I couldn’t even get them over my hips and they were super tight on the thighs..so with the heat index reaching 110 degrees I was of the mind the less amount of clothing the better…

Let’s back up for a minute… something happened after I turned 30 I decided that I was too old for shorts… so I stopped wearing any shorts that hit above the knee..so when i put these on and didn’t feel like a big fat blob I was elated. There is room for improvement… but I’m totally digging the fact that I can fit and feel confident enough to wear these shorts (YAY ME!!)… Enough about the shorts time to work on my arms!!

As always, when you know better you do better!

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