Almost a year later

Since I’m not able to lift anything or exercise I figured I would revisit my blog  and apparently I haven’t blogged since February… geez… I’ve been a busy girl… okay maybe not so busy….but LOTS of life changes. So let’s take it slow….

SPRING (Feb, Mar, Apr)
This past spring, something snapped in me, I don’t know what it was but for the first time I wanted to de-clutter my life and my body…. got rid of people in my life who really just negative and non supportive. It’s always a difficult decisions, but one that I haven’t regretted yet. This made me more determined to lose weight and get “me” back…. It was also during this time that I learned about my arch enemy…. my arms…but I can’t complain… things are shrinking… and I’m happy about it!

flabby arms

SUMMER (May, Jun….)
My mother thinks I’m starving myself, she hasn’t come out and say it… but she thinks I don’t eat enough food…for the record my base caloric intake is 1310 (more when I exercise,but I am almost always under no more than 200-300 calories) Every time I go over, she tries to feed me…I have to remind her that I do eat cookies, I do have ice cream…I do eat food. But I just  make sure that it stays in my range… she continues to look at my like I’ve starving. Then I took this picture and she damn near lost her mind and determined I was too skinny (notice my arch enemy the hanging arm flab)… clearly she hasn’t looked at the scale.

I brought a dress… that’s not all that odd…but this dress doesn’t have layers or an empire waist  to hide the belly fat … it straight up and down and it shows everything and I brought it!!

Right before my birthday I went shopping for new bras… my boobs are completely unrecognizable they’ve gone from a 42DD to a 38C…I miss my boobs, and I fear if I continue to lose breast fat at this rate, I’ll be a A when this journey is done… Fair readers please pray for my breasts (I can almost guarantee no one has asked for a prayer like that)

But the best part is my BIRTHDAY!! I turned 35 (and to be honest I totally don’t think I look 35!)

So many positive and wonderful, and some sad things have happened since the last time I had an entry…but once thing that hasn’t changed I remain committed and WILL reach my goal!

almost half there!

Almost a year since I decided to lose weight, and I’m half way there, * feeling positive and excited about the next half of my journey!

* So whenever I tell people how much weight I want to lose they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. My goal has always been to get healthy… not to get skinny…

Until next time ….