Sometimes it’s not about the scale

Because it’s Wednesday, or Hump Day as I like to call it, because I’m halfway through the week. (And because Donnie Walhberg has a serious love for Humps..not to mention he’s really nice to look at. So let’s just take a moment to look at Mr. Donald Edmond Wahlberg)¬† *sigh*Hump Day is also what I like to all my reflection day, I get to look back on thing that went badly the first half of the week and try to end the week on a high note, although it doesn’t happen this way…. sometimes it happened on Thursday… or if it’s a really bad week it’s on Friday….

Now, that I’ve wiped my mouth from all the drooling let’s get back to business¬† Non Scale Victories or NSV as most people like to call them. Let’s be honest losing weight is about the numbers… how many pounds did you lose? , What number does the scale show? What size clothes are you wearing now? How many calories are you eating? See what I mean…. all about the numbers.

But there is a down side to that, a lot of dieters are all about the numbers, just like life, dieters should take pleasure in the small things… or in this case the Non Scale Victories. Many of who read this blog have celebrated the fact that you….

  • Can walk a flight of stair without being winded
  • Do squats without your knees hurting
  • Wear a pair of jeans that used to be a little bit more snug
  • Having more energy to play with your children

To the average person these may not seem like much, but to those of us who are losing weight it means a great deal. it’s gives you a sense of pride to know that your hard work has improved the quality of your life, or the quality of your body. More often than not it’s the NSV that are our greatest victories in weight loss.

Numbers are important, but they aren’t everything. You may not lose one pound this week, but notice that you have more muscle tone in your legs… as far as I’m concerned that’s a victory. You might not have lost a pound this week, but you passed on a slice of cheesecake when you went out to dinner with your girlfriends… that’s a HUGE Victory. See what I mean, they’re everywhere.But you might have missed yours cause you were looking at the scale.

I have been dancing more often, which for me is a huge deal, my friends know that I don’t dance, I don’t do clubs and I don’t shake my groove thing, but when I’m home alone watch out… cause I’m like Beyonce.(okay, so in my mind I’m like Beyonce, when I’m probably more like someone’s 90 year old grandmother …that’s neither here no there but it get’s the heart rate up and it’s so fun

And as always, because I say, “If I BITE it, I WRITE it” (okay so I stole that from someone on TEAM BLUE) but it’s still true, here are my values from the last two days.


Totals 1118 143 39 45
Your Daily Goal 1713 235 57 64
Remaining 595 92 18 19
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

*Earned 303 calories from exercise.


Totals 1893 153 67 74
Your Daily Goal 2255 310 75 84
Remaining 362 157 8 10
  Calories Carbs Fat Protein

*Earned 845 calories from exercise.

As always, when you know better, you do better ……