Pretty Girl(‘s Do Indeed) Rock

Yesterday I posted something on Longevity , I realize something today (Has an AHA! moment) I realized that I’m pretty. This is a big deal for me because I have never considered myself pretty …EVER!”

Maybe I should start at the beginning…. being the only girl from a woman who is also the only girl, my mother instilled in me the art of being girly, now this coming from a sassy woman was quite a lessonhair was always done to perfection, ribbons and hair barrettes ALWAYS matched my outfit and earrings were a must.As I got older girdles were added to the mix. Because in the tradition of southern black women, “a lady ALWAYS wears a girdle” so I should especially proud because I was 12 years old and wearing a girdle. 

By the time high school came around, I had the girly thing down pact, although the pig tails and the hair barrettes were gone  I was still wearing the girdle and would roll my hair every night before school so that my hair would be curled perfection… no one could tell you that I wasn’t girly.  But with high school came the cruel reality that I could be girly but could I be pretty.? There were a lot of pretty girls at my high school and I was friends with a lot of them, but I never felt like anything other than the fat, funny sidekick… this feeling stayed with me for years.
3 college degrees, 2 liver transplants, boyfriends I dare not count, and friends near and far, and lesson’s that have served me well through life, I still have yet to learned how to be pretty. My mother on the other had always had the motto that she was “As Fine As Wine” and no one could tell her different, my motto was, “Fake It Till You Make It” Over the years, I’ve allowed myself to be cute, maybe even attractive, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I looked in the mirror and really looked at myself. I looked at my freckles, my eyes, even my pointy ears, and the rest of my imperfections and thought to myself, “Tyra you’re pretty“. Why did it take me so long to find my pretty?
I don’t think the answer has anything to do with looks. I think more than anything it’s about acceptance.  At the age of 34 I learned a lesson my mother has spent her entire life teaching her children, “Love yourself first, and others will follow”, all this time I was trying to be pretty… when I was beautiful all along. 
Now for those of you who were wondering. I stopped wearing a girdle when I graduated high school… as I got older it felt like my girly bits were being strangled and I longed to be free… I do wear Spankx on special occasions…my mother, well she still wears a griddle daily. And she swears if I wore one daily this would have been a lesson I would have learned years ago.
Thanks to everyone at  Longevity, Inc.  who shared this AHA! moment with me and to Stacey, Michelle and Davette for the encouraging words 
Now on to the fun part…. This weekend I have been good!
Totals 1324 165 55 52
Your Daily Goal 1626 223 54 61
Remaining 302 58 -1 9
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

I finally got a chance to do some walking….and shopping! 

Totals 1656 193 61 90
Your Daily Goal 1833 252 61 68
Remaining 177 59 0 -22
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
 I actually had more protien that I am allowed….this is a first!!
Did you know that DO is the first part of  DONE?? As always, when you know better you do better!


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