My "Secret" Shame

Frequently I talk to Donnie Wahlberg, okay my imaginary version of Donnie Wahlberg (I’m not crazy….okay I’m not THAT crazy) Usually he doesn’t get me into trouble but today he did… take a look at the excerpt of our conversation below

IDW: Stay and watch Blue Bloods with me
T: But I need to do my 30/40/50 today..
IDW: Tomorrow, you can do them tomorrow
T: I guess, you’re right Donnie, I did dance like a stripper today
IDW: A stripper…do tell…… 

****Which leads me to secret shame… POLE DANCING!*****

This is what I think I’m doing

I find the exercise to be fun, and funny (I laugh through most of the moves), and my cat Elmo seems to wonder what the hell I’m doing dancing against the shiny scratching pole. But it’s movement and it get’s my heart rate up, and one day I’m gonna get some courage and take a proper class so that I can dance for my boyfriend… but for now, I’m just trying not to break my arm, foot , or pride…lol

This is probably what I’m doing

Thanks to ThaPriSSyViXXXen and TheWhiteTrashNetwork for the use of their wonderful videos. To check out more of their videos  follow the links


So yesterday I didn’t blog, I was being lazy and Vampire Dairies was on. But in ordiance with being accountable I am posting my values for yesterday.

Totals 1080 88 55 63
Your Daily Goal 1410 194 47 53
Remaining 330 106 -8 -10
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
  • So I went a little over on the fat and the protein .. can you believe it… I actually met my protein requirement for the day!
  • Still under my recommended caloric intake for the day

Today I did better…..

Totals 1284 117 42 48
Your Daily Goal 2013 276 67 75
Remaining 729 159 25 27
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Oh and I forgot the BEST part, I got on the scale today which I do every Friday without fail… and I was down 12.8 pounds!!! Okay, Okay 10 of those pounds I gained during the time I was sick (and on my blogging hiatus) but the number is different (and lower than it was the week before and that’s all that counts.  So Tyra now weighs 254.6!! And that makes me happy. I got some snazzy fall pants I want to rock once there weather gets a little colder…


As always when you know better, you do better ….until next time!

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