Blue Mondays

This morning I was sitting in the infusion waiting room bored out of my mind and freezing my butt off (I feel bad for these people, they are already suffering from cancer, they have to come to treatment and freeze their bottoms off to boot ) and I get this from

I am looking for 9-10 people who are not part of the challenge yet that would like to still join. Rather than adding to the teams, I would like to start a new team… let’s see if a team full of rookies will give the other teams a run for their money! 😉 Email me RIGHT AWAY if interested at Any emails I get after the deadline, I will respond back and get you on a team next week! ♥
I start at the message for a minute and think to myself and think, “Why not?” So I send her my current weight and tell her I would like to be apart of the team.. Not long after that she says “Welcome to Team Blue! Send a picture of yourself wearing blue or a sign….It’s kissmet because I’m wearing blue today… I ask my mother if she could take a picture of me…and as you can see it’s not the greatest picture, but mom isn’t all that techno savvy and asking her to take a picture of me with my blackberry is like asking her to drive a car with her pinky toe.
So that was my day!

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