One of those days

I’m not sure if it was because it’s Friday or because it’s was a foggy and rainy day, but I was dog tired today.. After my morning obligations I returned home around 10:00am only to go back to bed and wake up at 4:00pm and I’m still tired. I know my body is not used to the new things that I am doing to it.. and maybe this is my body’s way of telling me to knock it off….but I’m hard headed and I like to have things my way… so I’ll contiune on this journey…

SW: 259  CW: 255  GW:180

I got on the scale today… I decided that when I did this that my official weigh-in day would be Friday’s. Let me say I wasn’t expecting anything since I started this Monday and had lots of yummy BBQ to celebrate the end of summer…So this mornign I get on the scale with my smug know-it-all attitude and low and behold… 4 pounds… I LOST 4 pounds!! That was the best way to start the day.

This weekend I’ll be heading to Milwaukee for  Froederts & The Medical College of Wisconsin’s 12th Annual Transplant Picnic. I’m excited to see my team, and hear doctors speak about transplant related issues, and all the great SWAG I get… did I mention the event is catered my Saz’s… my mouth is watering already.. I’m sure my bestie will want to do something active, the last time I was in Milwaukee, She made we walk through the grocery store for fours hours then made me cook her dinner, I’m hoping she’ll be gentler on me this time around.

Clearly I over did it on the fats today… gotta work on that
Calories: 1,420 – 1,770 1,313
Fat: 37 – 65 64
Carbohydrates: 188 – 271 106
Protein: 60 – 146 69

I found my self saying this a lot this week, and this might be my daily weight loss mantra. RECOGNIZE, REGROUP, and REDO. Every day’s not going to be a good day, there will be days when I will slip up, but everyday is a change to change and start over again…. until next Monday…..


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