“Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn’t do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.” – Vince Lombardi

It’s that time of year again Ladies and Gents! Football is back!! Which brings me to my next deliema… football food… chips, bean dip, cheese dip, spinach dips, cheese, brats, hot wings, just typing it makes me mouth water.. it’s too much…
So how does one avoid temptation at all the football parties (and Super Bowl parties)?? I don’t want to sit around chomping on crudities platter.. drinking water and feeling miserable when all my peers are enjoying them selves and all the good food… I need to think of alternatives…maybe there is a go-to-dish that I can make that’s low cal and low fat that I can take to parties… 
And the came and saved the day. Low Cal/Low Fat Superbowl Recipes SCORE!

So in the name of accountability and all that.. YADA… YADA… YADA… Here are my nutritional values for the day.

Now let’s spotlight what I have for lunch… McDonald’s…now let me tell you why I had McDonald’s… this morning, even before I started my day, I  was feeling crabby and awful… not even the yummy cranberry pomegranate green tea I was drinking could help me. I said to myself, “I need some unhealthy grease in my body”…. seriously those actual words left my body today….who says that?


Calories:  1,420 – 1,770

Fat:  37 – 65          

Carbohydrates: 188 – 271

Protein:                  60 – 146                  


So the medium Sprite, medium fries and an Angus third pounder (which I didn’t even eat all of it) came in at a whopping 1,410 calories. What the FCUK??!!!  It has really made me think about the decisions I’m making and what I’m putting in my mouth . But like I tell everyone else.. RECOGNIZE, REGROUP… and REDO! Tomorrow is another day… and I can do better.